Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NiPRO Movement for change in South Africa
Meeting with Heather Freeman was  indeed a success, we had a lot in common and that made us to have a beautiful conversation. We discussed extensively about Nigerians in Diaspora especially in South Africa and United Kingdom. We discussed about the quality of lives we are living in Diaspora and likewise the image we are busy building in Diaspora.
She planned to partner with NiPRO as soon as she return back to South Africa, though her charity office is located in the mother city i.e Cape Town. We will ensure to keep in touch so as to set things rolling and to make our vision a reality in South Africa as a nation.
Recruitment in Progress
Recruitment is gradually becoming a slogan among my folks becauseI have designed a shirt for myself and I plan to make extra 30 pieces so that my team can wear them and people will get to ask them the same question what is Recruitment in Progress? Johannesburg is believed to be a city of Gold and unfortunately many people were disappointed that gold is not picked on streets of Johannesburg.
Gross Unemployment is a prominent issue in South Africa and yet they are complaining of skills shortage in some certain industry especially the IT sector. Few professionals are in the country and the youth have given up on the situation of things in the country. I have four top members in NiPRO SA they are as follows Kholofelo Morena, Solomon Seloma, Tosin Bankole and Felix Owolabi. We have been meeting consecutively on how to get things started for the launching by February 2008.
Nigerians and their attitude
When I was very new in Johannesburg, many Nigerians seems to be nice to me. After some time their brother hood love began to fade away. A Nigerian brother cannot give out one South African Rand for food. It’s so unfortunate that a larger percentage of Nigerians in South Africa are living beyond what they were at home. I use this word more often “Abroad is not for everyone”  I was moved to do a documentary about Nigerians living in South Africa and that got us the Wits Art Awards Best Picture category and also Best Director. We did that to expose our lives here and hoping the Federal Government can see how to empower Nigerians here.
Nigerians sell drugs, pimp girls, engage in child pornography, 419 scam, hijacking and so many atrocities that we don’t do back home. We planned to visit the correctional services to interview some people on what led them to SA Prison. We are still awaiting permission to do that as well, I believe in the New Nigeria Project and I support it the movement as well. I know empowerment is the answer to the bad image we have created in Diaspora. Nigerians have contributed over 33% growth to the SMEs in Johannesburg the power house of South Africa.
We have a very strong entrepreneurship spirit and I admire that. Surely we all know that not all Nigerians are bad but the image must change. I welcome NiPRO to South Africa to take up this challenge but it’s not just NiPRO but we have to play our role to make it happen.
Victor Gotevbe plans to meet the SA Challenge
Many people see the glamorous lives in Johannesburg and beyond. KORA and Channel O award is one of the most significant events that showcase South Africa to the entire world. Recently the World All Stars performed at the Nelson Mandela 46664 project and it was indeed a success. There are a lot of challenges in South Africa, the popular HIV/AIDS, Crime, and Unemployment is crippling the almighty South Africa gradually. Our major concerns focus more on Africans living in South Africa because the country is a home to a lot of immigrants.
Especially Nigerians, we believe in dialogue and empowerment and we hope to impact people’s lives through NiPRO the long awaited team of change. The awareness is going on right now and much will be published via the SA version website for NiPRO will be launched soon. Expect more update via the NiPRO group and the website.
Kunle Owolabi
Johannesburg, South Africa
Cell: +27824062265

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