Cross Cultural Exchange visit Philippines : Thanks to David Tyler Trust.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Greetings from Cagayan de oro Philippines!!Special greetings from Manobos of San Fernando Bukidnon!    This is our short account of activities done in "the manobo visits to First Fruit Academy" Valencia Bukidnon . This is a kind of manobo children exposures to a conventional private school which is far different from their local experience in their own arena of education and environment. It was a wonderful experience between the manobo children and the pupils of First fruits Academy...First,we had a courtesy call to the principal of the school, then the children were brought to one of their class (social studies class) and  there were exchanged of greetings between students( the manobos and first fruits) and short introductions about them and the purpose of the visit and  followed by dance and song presentations by the manobo kids to show a little bit of their arts and culture. Then after few minutes, the children proceeded to their computer laboratory and they were taught how to operate the computer and play games a short while... after that finally we came to the lantern making which the firstt fruits students taught the manobo kids thought the instruction and demonstration of one of the First Fruits teacher on how to make a lantern through origami. It was fun and it took time to finish until the manobo kids were able to make their own.... it was a great learning on the part of the manobo children and also a great learning to the host school about the culture of these tribal kids....surely those unique experiences will remain in their memories....In behalf of the Association of Solidarity for Prosperity Incorporated would like to thank you for the never ending  support for our project. Especially in this field of education and culture of peace. Thank you so much.Very sincerely yours,Glorecita Tanpresident ASPI





Environmental Education Brazil : Thanks to David Tyler Trust,

Brazil - environmental educational visit.  Promotes educational, ecological and cultural tour

Exhibition Planet Insect - Museum Biological Institute Department of Agriculture and State of São Paulo Supply
Exhibition Planet Insect - Museum Biological Institute. The only Brazil Garden Insect Zoo's, authorized by IBAMA and the Environmental Secretariat of the State of São Paulo.The show portrays, in a fun and interactive way, the various aspects of insects, raising public awareness of its importance in environmental sustainability, food production and public health.
Projects: 1) Health promotion with emphasis on Agenda 21 and Global Partnerships / Internet and Social Networking - Prof. Vera Brazilian 2) Why do bees make honey? - Prof. Rosana Fidelis


From our friend Dr. Federico Mayor

Uganda thanks to Roch Valley - schoolbags arrive safely with children in the orphanage.

Belarus : Thanks to David Tyler Trust, UlsterTeachers' Union, Print It and CP Trophies and Engraving.

Items ready for delivery in February.

Our Christmas Story - Uganda

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Our Own Christmas Story - Uganda

 20th December 2014 ………….. and in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered.

And there was in that country a wise man named Daniel, who saw that Mary, with child, with 4 children actually, was unwell and homeless sitting under a tree.

Mary was about to be evicted, as her illness prevented earning shekels to pay the innkeeper. Daniel had seen a vision, from the angel inside his head :  that he must help, no matter the consternation it caused. …. especially to me !!!!

As all the world was to be counted, he was able to use the shepherds looking after their flocks at Ulster Teachers’ Union, Aghalee Mace, Aghalee Pharmacy, Collective Film Group, Portadown and Steve the bard from the north.

Michael, the angel, at moneygram spread his wings. ……and a moneygram star rose from Aghalee , above the heavens and rested just over Kampala. Daniel followed that star to the moneygram agent where he received gold, frankincense and myrrh for the destitute family. The gold allowed him to purchase camels for the long journey to where Mary and her children would find a home and be safe. ………. Items and supplies for when they got there, and more items for granny and her family.  

…. And so on Christmas Eve 2014 it came to pass.