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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Over 12 years we collected hundreds of photographs of the awesome art, music, dance, sculpture and general culture of Belarus. The students are ambitious to achieve success - whilst their teachers are enthusiastic, talented and dedicated.95% of these photographs were taken within 60 miles/100 kilometres of Chernobyl in the city of Mozyr. Most examples are the works of young students although also included are exhibits from a few of their teachers.Let us show that the culture of Belarus is indeed a jewel in world culture - no longer to be kept a secret.

I will always look on the inhabitants of Belarus as the nation with sparkling eyes.
The music is provided by the teachers and students of Art and Music School No2.
Others may promote a different story but this is ours.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Photograph album of visit to Belarus - August 2008.
The video is of photographs taken mostly in the Gomel Region of Belarus during August, 2008. For those who may have an impression of Belarus possibly these photographs will change it. The music is from the very talented students of the School for Art and Music Mozyr. The director Anna, and staff are sensational.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Trip to Hungary June 2008     Gallery of Photographs
Oh!, what joy to return to friends that we hadn't seen for 6 months. This trip was to follow up the work, that we were doing in the villages last year. I took a team of 8 people along with me, who had an interest in helping.
We visited 5 towns and villages, in Hungary, and briefly crossed the borders over into Romania. We hired a minivan, and started our journey in Budapest, driving NE, to Bag. We had arranged for another Summer Festival Day, like we did last year. This occasion brings the village people together, to share and enjoy, music, and dance. No strangers ever enter this part of the village, because of the poverty. Mudbrick,two room homes, have no running water inside, or toilets, or roads. The children looked healthy this time, as they were enjoying the Summer sun. Winter tells another story.
Next it was up to Dani and Kati s in Nyirbeltek, where we continue to support the work,  this amazing couple are doing. Kati has learnt to drive, and passed her driving test. Dani works hard in teaching the children music, and he works hard maintaining the two buildings. Dani and Kati still continue to feed the children every Saturday, to supplement their diet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Selvo Brazil
As a dedication to the children of the world our new friend Selvo in Brazil,  has composed his song "Just a Dream". Dedicated to the Children of the World through A Ray of Hope, Anna the director, teachers and students, Music and Art School Number 2, Mozyr, Gomel Region, Belarus.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

As a celebration of World Peace Day (September) and United Nations Day (October) we have launched a website at
If clicking on this url does not work for you –or copying and pasting the link into your address bar,  the links are at  on the left column.
Although there are educational topics which can be used by teachers – we want to promote the three competitions.  A Global Peace Greeting, photographic competition and the identification of flags.    In participation there is unity.
The video with the flags and other competition details are on YouTube – the link is also on
But you can go directly there  with
Please enter the competitions and promote it as widely as you wish.
At very least please send us a peace greeting. To
Thank you