Nepal, Uganda and Nigeria

Monday, February 10, 2020


1.      Nepal - Support and assistance for the festival of the Maghi.  Maghi is the annual festival and one of the seasonal gathering of the Sikhs.

2.      Nepal – healthy body healthy mind

3.      Uganda – miscellaneous

4.      Nigeria – future events coming soon.

February ; An amazingly busy and productive period most recently in Nepal and India-

Saturday, February 01, 2020

1.      Nepal ;  Tulsiram organises various events  entitled “our pride our culture”,   dance and drama workshops and performances including diversity within Nepalese peoples and intergenerational contributions connecting nature, traditions and cultures.

2.      Nepal ; Renu – cultural dress fashions and accessories and related art.

3.      India ;  Sujata and team  - trip to exhibits at international book fair – demonstrations talks and related activities.

4.      Nepal; Maiya combines ecological/ environmental instruction, planting and the importance of trees with food programme and related.