Melanie and Vivien in Tanzania

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bath University - Nepal

Congratulations and thank you to Sabah and the students of Bath University for their magnificent effort to help our princesses in the Metta Centre, Nepal.

More Photographs India

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Photographs India
Thank you to David for these extra photographs of the homes of our new friends in India.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Street Children India
Dear Don,
Thank you for the clothes that you have sent though Carol. I received clothes and gave them to the children that live in small huts and by Road side.
Please find the attachment of the Pictures with the kids wearing them.
The T- Shirts and trousers are useful. But the inner skirts are not more often used by the children. But we have given them to Leprosy people. Sister Carol has taken some pictures there and she told me that she will send that pictures.
Ones again thank you so much for you help for these children.
We request you to help for their education and food.
David , India
Mailing address
6-8-767 SANJEEVAIH NAGAR         

Nepal - Sabah and Friends Bath University

Saturday, March 08, 2008

A cake sale is scheduled on 13 March 2008 at 3 East foyer. The aim of the sale is to assist a group of girls who are in need of lights to study at night during the exam period in a centre in Nepal. Hence the name of the project is 'Bring Bright Light'.  The amount required is £46 to purchase 2/3 rechargeable lanterns. Any amount raised above £46 will be used in Nepal Orphanage to purchase stationery/educational items for spring/summer and outfits for the girls. Note, all receipts shall be provided for all purchased items for the centre in Nepal.

For the cake sale, anyone can participate in the bake sale but do indicate the ingredients used in the cakes please.  Alternatively, one could visit the local bakeries and explain the purpose and arrange to pick up donated cakes on morning of sale or one may opt for pancakes or other desserts/dishes.
If you would like to join in the cake sale, please email ASAP.

So far, I have collected £120  from friends, colleagues and other well wishers. This amount was gathered from the 24 hours fast that I had completed on Saturday 01 March 2008. Each hour I had fasted, well wishers pledged 50p. 
Thank you all!

Vivienne and Melanie - Tanzania

Hey Don
How are things? Back in Dar es Salaam, arrived back yesterday late
afternoon, beween Thursday last week and Wednesday this week we spent a
 week in a village where the Mary and Johnathan have built the school
for the young children of the village. We had a good time a little
hairy at times with all the thunder, and animals the village is right
in the middle of the Jungle very difficult to get too, amazing
experience and insight into local village life and how difficult there
lives must be to cope with quite adverse circumstances but they manage
with help and progress is being made especially in the lives of the
young children. I'll let you know more when I see you as I'm sure
Melanie will- anyhow hope everything is going well, look forward to seeing you soon.

Melanie- Tanzania

Greetings from Tanzania.
 Well,. Ive just come back from a 2 day road journey .  Mary, Vivienne, Pia, and Dennis, our driver, went the  1000 kilomenters, to Ngonga village, in Keyela District, to see the wonderful work Mary is doing down there. The school is completed there, right in the jungle clearing. There are 130, children attending the little Watoto Weto, (our children, in Swahelli), School, that other wise would have no education at all .It is in the heart of the jungle, and really surprised me, what Mary,and her co-workers have achieved, in only 3 years.
 We gave out mosqito nets to all the children, who attend the school. I was able to speak in the school,and play games, and sing songs with the beautiful children, when I gave the education supplies, and the toys.We were in the heart of the jungle with the aids orphans, and the local village people. . It was the most amazing trip, Ive ever been on, we saw elephants,zebra, and girraffes, on the way down.
 We were on the National TV with,MP, Mr Harrison Makembe, who is the Local MP for Keyela District. He brought the President down, because he found out about corruption. We were in his village, when he came to visit his relatives. There was a wonderful celebration,which we were invited to attend, but his life was under threat, and there was a lot of security, as well asmedia attention.   He loves what Mary is doing in his village of Ngonga, Kyela District.
Now w ve only days to go, till we return. We ve been so busy, and done a lot of traveling accross the mountains, and the Serengeti.
Will be home soon
Love to all
Ngonga, Kenya, Kyela,

Hungary, Romania, Serbia

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Schoolbags, shoes and a few scarves - thank you to Roch Valley

Roch Valley and Heatons

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thank you to Roch Valley and Heatons Ireland for their continual support with the supply of 1000 school bags and clothes for our children in homes on three continents respectively.

New project Belarus

Thank you to Dame Mary Peters and Sir Ronnie Flanagan for not only their continual support but also their patronage for a new, exciting project in Belarus.
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