Sierra Leone - educational supplies arrive safely.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nepal - photographs from Binod's Science Workshop

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hungary/Romania - Necessary miscellaneous supplies begin their journey.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Children's clothing, chocolate biscuits (4000) , toys, educational posters, teachers' notes and lesson plans, desktop science books, folders and wallets begin their journey to Hungary, Romania.

Binod returns from Nepal

Dear Don,
Now I am in London after a month long visit of Nepal . It was very nice to see birth place after three years. I was also busy in workshops for science teachers of different 25 schools of Kathmandu area . They liked the workshop related with lesson plan in science teaching in practical method.There were two teachers in Krishna's recommendation. I hope they like the workshop.
After Katmandu's Programme I went to my village in eastern hill of Nepal . I organised same workshop for science teachers of the area . There were teachers from 20 different schools. I hope they were also happy to take part in the workshop.
I have offered two different scholarships in my village. The first one is , free stationary for one year , at the moment , to about 500 students of class one of different 15 schools of the area. For This scholarship I have given money from my pocket and one local NGO has given same amount of money to cover the cost. This is in partnership basis programme with the NGO.
The other one is a scholarship to cover A level's tuition and admission fee to a girl student from a very poor family .That girl was recommended for scholarship by whole teacher staff of the school.

I am looking forward to hear from you.
With best regards,

Welcome to TejasAsia in to the global family of A Ray of Hope

Thursday, August 20, 2009

TejasAsia is a non-profit organisation started several years ago in New Delhi, India. It was started as a small project helping the children on the streets in New Delhi one day a week. Today it has grown into a full time (6 days a weeek) charity, social transformation project feeding and educating several hundreds of street/slum and orphan children in many locations all over New Delhi.
The organisation was started by Marlo and Marvel , two brothers who really wanted to help out in whatever way they can. The founder is Dr Marlo Philip who resides in New Delhi for the last five years. Marvel is physical therapist who reside in California now and assisting in all possible ways.
Also TejasAsia has a strong network with the government and private schools where they send the children through their 'Streets to School' mission. They have been sending many students so far and changing their lives for ever with educational opportunities
TejasAsia is really changing the lives of hundreds of children, single mothers and the homeless in New Delhi, the capital of India. It is hoped that once logisitcs have been confirmed we will be able to assist with educational supplies.

Hungary / Romania from Melanie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reports from Nyirbeltek, Bag, and Hadjunannas, Hungary.
. I’ve had an amazing time with the 3 football coaches that came out with me on this trip. 100s of children came out to be taught how to play. Many came with flip-flops. We took out football strips, and trainers, and football shoes. Everyone was so delighted, and the London Football Club of Black Stone FC, are now going to couple up with the village of Nyirbeltek on the Hungarian Romanian Border, and we hope build up a relationship, that will bring out lots of talent, and build up hope for the Gypsy people of this region. Letting them know, that we care, and and are willing to do something to make a difference.

Melanie and team, my Grand daughter Kizzy came with us, and she put such an input into the lives of the youth, and every one she met.

Because of our complaints to the Human Rights in Budapest, the 35 Roma families have been re-housed. They were threatened with eviction, on 17 July, from their humble dwellings, with out being given another place to live. There were 83 men women and young children, that would have been left out on the side of the road. Because of this action, and a spotlight from the West being shone on them, the local Hadjunnanas Government re-housed them in some lovely flats, and gave them all jobs as road sweepers, and pepper pickers.

The very poor people of Bag, looked tanned and plump, as they enjoy the Summer Sunshine and the cherry soup, as this is the season for picking cherries. I saw a lovely air of hope and a glimmer of joy, in their lives. Winter can tell another story, but they welcomed us with open arms, and set some bottles of pop, and biscuits before us, all they had. We left money for food, and clothes for the children. Little Melanie is growing fast, but she’s still tiny, and a little weary of me. She’s so beautiful, as are the hearts of the folk in this tiny little village under the Mountain
I’m off to Devon and Cornwall, and then back out to Hungary and Romania to the children

From Dr. Federico Mayor former director general of UNESCO - and more importantly our friend.

A Ray of Hope
Northern Ireland, UK
My dear Friends,
Congratulations for the activities that you are carrying on and the immense capacity of mobilization that you have.
Nigeria , the Philippines , Tanzania , Uganda, Nepal, Romania … all of them receive, because of “A Ray of Hope”.
I am sending you in English some of the last articles that I have published in the Spanish newspapers as well as my blog address (
I wish you a lot of good health in order to widespread a culture of peace throughout the world.
With great esteem,
Federico Mayor

A trip through the peace of the Irish Countryside - Friday, 7th August, 2009

Friday, August 07, 2009

Belarus - Nastya has a wonderful day !!!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I remember Nastya, many many years ago, as a wonderfully caring child.... in fact in her mother's absence she looked after me. She was always destined to be beautiful both inside and out. Now Nastya has recently got married and indeed has blossomed. We wish this stunning couple many years of prosperity and happiness.