Welcome to TejasAsia in to the global family of A Ray of Hope

Thursday, August 20, 2009

TejasAsia is a non-profit organisation started several years ago in New Delhi, India. It was started as a small project helping the children on the streets in New Delhi one day a week. Today it has grown into a full time (6 days a weeek) charity, social transformation project feeding and educating several hundreds of street/slum and orphan children in many locations all over New Delhi.
The organisation was started by Marlo and Marvel , two brothers who really wanted to help out in whatever way they can. The founder is Dr Marlo Philip who resides in New Delhi for the last five years. Marvel is physical therapist who reside in California now and assisting in all possible ways.
Also TejasAsia has a strong network with the government and private schools where they send the children through their 'Streets to School' mission. They have been sending many students so far and changing their lives for ever with educational opportunities
TejasAsia is really changing the lives of hundreds of children, single mothers and the homeless in New Delhi, the capital of India. It is hoped that once logisitcs have been confirmed we will be able to assist with educational supplies.