Binod returns from Nepal

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Don,
Now I am in London after a month long visit of Nepal . It was very nice to see birth place after three years. I was also busy in workshops for science teachers of different 25 schools of Kathmandu area . They liked the workshop related with lesson plan in science teaching in practical method.There were two teachers in Krishna's recommendation. I hope they like the workshop.
After Katmandu's Programme I went to my village in eastern hill of Nepal . I organised same workshop for science teachers of the area . There were teachers from 20 different schools. I hope they were also happy to take part in the workshop.
I have offered two different scholarships in my village. The first one is , free stationary for one year , at the moment , to about 500 students of class one of different 15 schools of the area. For This scholarship I have given money from my pocket and one local NGO has given same amount of money to cover the cost. This is in partnership basis programme with the NGO.
The other one is a scholarship to cover A level's tuition and admission fee to a girl student from a very poor family .That girl was recommended for scholarship by whole teacher staff of the school.

I am looking forward to hear from you.
With best regards,