Sunday, September 30, 2007

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From Seguya Uganda

I fail to understand
When I’m asked to be patriotic because my government wants to steal and kill,
I fail to understand.
When everyone grabs everything they can, to control others,
I fail to understand.
When a man tries to convince me that the other is bad because he condemns his wrongs,
I fail to understand.
When governments steal so much from us through taxes,
Because they want to finance their murderous missions,
I fail to understand.
When we infest the minds of little ones with hatred towards others,
And love for war,
I fail to understand.
And I ask, do we really love ourselves,
When we can commit to the death of others?
It is all a life of confusion…
To live,
When I kill and furnish the means by which others are killed

Beautiful times and best wishes,

Nigeria - 40 special women under 40

Nigeria - 40 special women under 40

Abuja, Nigeria

ABUJA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a yearly program put together by super producer FIDELIS DUKER, to celebrate African films and uphold the tradition of appreciating films coming from our shores. This is the fourth edition.

It was held at the Prestigious SHEHU MUSA YARDUA CONFERENCE CENTRE, ABUJA. It was a pot pouri of activities and movie practitioners where at their best. There were film exhibitions, conferences, question and answer sessions, etc.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If our readers look back on the journal or can remember the birth of Raymond, "Buster" then you might be interested in what "Buster Senior" looked like as a baby at the same age. Maybe the dedicated keeper of our journal, Angela, might come up with some way of showing Buster and Buster Senior together.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

7th anniversary of Metta Centre.


Victor at his award ceremony.
Hearty congratulations from us all.

UNESCO - World Teachers' Day 2007 posters

World Teachers’ Day, held on October 5th each year, commemorates the anniversary of the signing in 1966 of UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.  Teachers, as we all know, are key in the pursuit of quality education for all.  World Teachers’ Day is an occasion to celebrate the crucial role that teachers play in providing quality education at all levels.  
We are happy to inform you that posters have been produced in six languages to commemorate the World Teachers’ Day this year.  To ensure timely and effective distribution of the posters we are dispatching a sufficient number of copies to all UNESCO Field Offices and Institutes, National Commissions and Education Ministries in Member States as well as to Permanent Delegations at UNESCO Headquarters.
In this regard we would like to inform you that:
1. In the countries where UNESCO has an office, we are sending approximately 15 to 30 posters to each National, Cluster and Regional Office for their distribution to UN agencies, partner organisations, bilateral donors, important NGOs, and any other stakeholders they deem important. In addition, five to ten poster are being sent directly to the National Commissions in these countries for distribution to national institutes related to teacher education
2. In the countries where UNESCO does not have an office, between 15-30 posters are being dispatched  directly to each National Commission, depending on the country size,  for  their distribution to relevant national institutions as well as UN agencies, partner organisations, bilateral donors, important NGOs, and any other stakeholders they deem important.  Therefore if your National Commission is in a country where there is no UNESCO Field Office, we rely on the National Commission to distribute the poster to ALL stakeholders.
3. In addition, a minimum of two posters are being directly dispatched to the Education Ministry in all Member States and to Federations of UNESCO Clubs as well as to all Permanent Delegations at the Headquarter.
We therefore request the kind collaboration of all National Commissions for UNESCO, for a timely andeffective distribution of the posters, in order to draw public attention to this year’s World Teachers’ Day.
Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
                                                                Qian Tang


Buster and Family at his Dedication Party


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,

We are glad that NiPRO in cooperation with Iven technologies Limited recorded another success with the  Accelerated networking series tagged: Building Professional Relationships. The event brought together top level executives, graduate students and up coming professionals from Ogun State, Oyo State, Imo State and Lagos State.  The event kicked off with welcome addresses from the General Manager of NiPRO (Nigeria) and the head of marketing (Princess Akunna Chukwu) of Iven Techologies Limited. After which the national anthem was sung.

Miss Chika Chukwudebere of Elim Mission Foundation (Ota) led the ice breaker to energise the participants. It sent some of the participants to the days they had their Schools' inter-house sports. This was followed by a one-on-one engagement as each participant had a partner to network with. The purpose was to help the participants maintain good eye contact and exude confidence through their hand shakes which are necessary networking skills in the business world.

Furthermore, Mr. Victor Gotevbe, facilitated the first session on "Networking your way to the Top". The session was very interactive as some very challenging questions were posed : Such as Who are you? Have you planned your death? Why the top? These questions were relevant to help all present network their way to the top. He concluded with the slide on ten (10) commandments of networking. For ' it takes common sense to walk, principles to run but instructions to fly'... Why scratch with the chicken when you can soar like the eagle'. Thereafter, there was refreshment courtesy of NiPRO and Iven Technologies.

The second session on Mentoring Young entrepreneurs was facilitated by Mr. Oscar Albert, Director/ Mentor Iven Technologies Limited.
This was characterised with some humour and some wisdom nuggets such as the three Ds (Discovery, Development and Duplication) that mentors teach their mentees; why entrepreneurs need mentors and what to learn from them. He ended his presentation on how Iven technologies ( student entrepreneurs company)started with the Unilag faces which brought together about forty (40) young students from University of Lagos who attended over two hundred (200) seminars. They had a deal with the US consulate and did some information marketing for them at the CTO organised by the Commercial department of the Consulate. There! Jim Ovia, MD of Zenith bank saw their presentation and threw a challenge to them to develop a product or a service that they can sponsor. By the next CTO, Iven technologies had a product ' Easy Law', a soft ware containing federal laws of the country and other reports. Today, Zenith bank is a partner of the company. And it is projected to make not less than four hundred million (400,000,000) naira per annum. The interesting thing about it is that it started with Networking and these young people have mentors like him.

The event ended with an information session where attendees shared their fears, ideas, recommendations and leads. Amongst whom was Barrister CJ Dibor, a top level executive who shared some pieces of advise and a prayer.

We say thank you again to Iven technologies Limited and all those who made the event a success.


India - Melanie's building takes shape.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Metta Centre Nepal

Hi Don,
Sorry for the delay in replying you as I was on the relief mission for the recent devastating flood & landslide in Nepal. I went to near to border of India & Nepal the most affected areas ad came back yesterday.
Meanwhile, we had wonderful 7th annual celebration of Metta Center and your daughters delivered speeches...poem to the audience...   most importantly Binita delievered your speech.which was appreciated by all the participants.    Please find attached pictures....
With love from


Dear Mam,
It is indeed very inspiring to inform you that Mr. SG Mishra has presented yesterday a beautiful computer with latest technology of duo core and also CDs for Maths, Science, Bio and other subjects tutorials for the poor children of RCL Mishra Foundation headed by him.
Mr. Mishra in his message has said,"Poverty alleviation needs more commitment rather than more funding and to make the human rights a meaningful movement compatible with present global scenario educating the poor students is the only way who constitute the majority of global populace".
We all owe a great deal for your personal support in helping these very poor children and also to Sudeep who authored a book in Hindi on Computers meant for students a copy of which I am sending to you being the great principal who fashioned what Sudeep is today in Washington.
The attach pix shows the beautiful system of love sent by Mr. Mishra and the joy of food yesterday at my residence classroom by the underprivileged students to commemorate yet another event of computer arrival - too small but too big an event.

Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Philipiines.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Substantial sports, dance, music supplies and miscellaneous sent to Mozambique, Sierra Leon, Tanzania, Philippines.

Mozambique and Sierra Leone

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Heatons Ireland Heatons Lurgan.

Thank you to Heatons for the sporting supplies for Mozambique and Serra leone.

Director General of UNESCO Regarding Earthquake in Peru

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Director General of UNESCO Regarding Earthquake in Peru

Director-General asserts UNESCO’s leadership in its fields of competence within the UN inter-agency relief and recovery efforts in Peru following the latest devastating earthquake


Following a powerful earthquake off the Peruvian coast on 15 August 2007, with a magnitude of 7.9 degrees on the Richter scale, extensive damages were inflicted to the city of Pisco, Chincha Alta and Ica, leaving some 500 people dead and over 30,000 families affected.


Immediately after the earthquake, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, conveyed his solidarity to the people of Peru. In a letter to President Alan Garcia, Mr Matsuura expressed his distress at the “cruel loss of so many lives” and offered his “sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the families of the victims at this difficult time which the country is going through.”


According to the first reports, the tremors damaged around a thousand schools in the Ica region and some 300 in Canete, a province about 150 kilometres south of Lima. “UNESCO is at the disposal of the Peruvian government to cooperate in its fields of expertise, particularly in the restoration of educational spaces and cultural sites,” underscored the Director-General in the same letter.


Today, UNESCO is actively involved in the UN humanitarian response aimed at assisting the Peruvian authorities in urgent relief and recovery efforts. The Organization was appointed as Lead Agency in the field of Education in the Peru Flash Appeal, which was launched in Geneva on Tuesday, 28 August 2007.


As lead agency in this crucial field, UNESCO, in cooperation with UNICEF, UNDP and Save the Children, will advise and support the Peruvian government and coordinate inter-agency efforts for the immediate reactivation of educational services in affected areas and towards building back the education system as part of long-term recovery.


In order to initiate such efforts, UNESCO received an amount of USD 500,000 under the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), to provide safe educational environments for school children in the post-earthquake emergency period. The Director-General appeals to the generosity of Member States to contribute meeting outstanding requirements (USD 1,273,859), in order for UNESCO to fully assist in the post-earthquake relief and recovery process led by the Peruvian authorities.


In the field of culture, no reports of major damage to World Heritage sites have been received so far, but emergency financial assistance from the World Heritage Fund has been offered to the authorities concerned to assess and deal with the situation. An assessment mission to potentially affected sites will be fielded by UNESCO World Heritage Centre in the coming weeks.