From Jessy Winterbonn Peace Initiatives Uganda

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I was born in and brought up in a largely rural agricultural part of Uganda to a Christian family. My parents were both teachers. I began experiencing the violence as a young man having grown through the different military and dictatorial regimes of Idi Amin, Obote and the military junta. Just like my fellow youth, I developed the love of firearms which had proliferated into the population over the years and learnt how to strip and assemble a weapon at the age of eleven. Having missed an opportunity to join the liberation war like most of my friends during school days, I joined military service after my studies. My opportunity to work with a newspaper producing organisation, and as a research assistant for the Department of Gender studies, and in various capacities in the military exposed me to the grim realities of life. It was possible for me to interact with different communities especially those affected by conflict. I got to see the realities of the effects of firearms and violence involving the youth. I further understood that the youth were being used selfishly and were the most affected. While growing up, I had been made to dislike various tribes from what I used to hear about them. However, during the military, my lifestyle changed as we were taught to cooperate and come to the aid of fellow men. I made different friends and this made me understand that they were not as bad as I had earlier been made to believe! I made friends with colleagues from tribes considered very violent. I also found out that this stereotyping was the cause of friction amongst various communities and at the work place. I got more disturbed when many of my friends continuously asked me for ways they could get access to weapons as a way of being assured of security. My continued discouragements could yield little success. I saw how lives had been destroyed by the violence and most disturbing was the increasing hatred and accusations from different tribes. Most disturbing was the realisation that many youth have been denied opportunity to interact with others while at school just like we had.
I felt something had to be done to change the situation! Though a graduate of Finance, I felt more fulfilled interacting with various groups of youth in different regions of the country. This was how I came into peace work with NPI. Various youth are learning the realities of small arms and violence and how it is affecting them. I have been able to access different youth groups in war torn areas due to the fact that many social workers find it more difficult to travel in areas they consider dangerous and this continues to deny youth there the opportunity to learn. Born in the western part of the country, the youth in the north find it a surprise that I should dedicate my services in their regions which are considered no go areas.
·   Office equipment like computers(desktop and laptop), coloured printer and photocopier to help in both office operations and production of Peacemania newsletter
·   Web hosting for Peacemania site (design of website complete).
·   Communication equipment including telephone sets.
·   Funds for typesetting, printing and distribution of peace newsletter.
·   Contribution to rent expenses and for volunteers
·   IEC materials for culture of peace road shows.
·   Camera for still pictures.
·   Video projector and speakers.
·   Books and other learning materials for peace resource centre.

Volunteers to fundraise for NPI initiatives.


Nigerian by Choice conference

The role of any nation's Diaspora in its development does not need any debate. For Nigeria, the role of its citizens in other nations cannot be ignored, especially when consideration is given to their size and the inspiring roles that they play (or will eventually play) in those countries where they presently reside. The size of the Nigerian Diaspora in the United Kingdom -- from students to professionals -- places additional responsibility on the shoulders of both the Nigerian nation and her people in the United Kingdom. While the citizens can use their various platforms of influence to engage government (and contribute their own quota) towards improving living conditions, they can also benefit from the emerging opportunities that are increasingly available in Nigeria.
The Nigerian by Choice conference is an opportunity for young Nigerians in the United Kingdom to discuss the future of Nigeria. This conference does not seek to discuss the problems, but will serve as a forum where solutions, opportunities and networking will be the action guides. We believe that it is time for Nigerians living in the United Kingdom and are below the age of 40 (who can appreciate the need to take action in order to move from where we are to where we should be) to take action in order to create the nation we can be proud to call home. The September 2007 conference will focus on the following objectives:
  • Encouraging the need to take advantage of ICT-enabled Entrepreneurship to help meet Nigeria's employment needs;
  • Organizing Socio-Economic Missions that will enable Nigerian professionals in Diaspora to use their expertise to support relevant efforts;
  • Networking the expertise of the participants to influence policy and demonstrate how Nigeria can take practical steps towards development;
  • Celebration of "What's Great About Nigeria" because if we don't, the world won't have an example to follow!
Featuring brief keynotes, break-out groups, panel discussions and quality question-and-answer time, the conference will deliver on its promise of kick-starting a process of networking ongoing efforts towards addressing the need to place Nigeria on its path of becoming one of the best places to call home during the first quarter of the 21st century!


Anne - Cicero - United Kingdom

Monday, November 26, 2007

Took this for you this morning on the top of the Malvern Hills before we went for our pastie at the kiosk by the carpark - you can see Malcolm and Suki (black dog) down on the right of the path.  We were walking along the lower fortification wall of an Iron Age hillfort called 'British Camp' or the Herefordshire Beacon where some people think Caratacus made his last stand.  We live over the other side of the hills you can see in the distance middle-ish of photo.

Abaana Uganda

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear Don,
My apologies that it has been so long since my last correspondance.  Everything we wanted to take out with the teams during the summer we got through which was fantastic.  We had a few problems getting the books delivered due to the weather in Uganda. . but anyway, here are a few photos of the children at Christ the King Primary School receiving the books that you gave us and a few other things as well.  I hope you can use them.  The school did not have any books at all until this delivery and the children are so excited.
Christ the King PS is one which was constructed this summer by two of our teams on the same site as their existing ‘building’.  The staff impressed us as they had done as much as possible with the little they had and drawn on sacks, cardboard etc.  We are looking forward to seeing the progress of the school.
The rest of the books etc were split amongst our other schools so now they all have something.
Many thanks,
Fiona Baxter

Emma and Ray, Lagos, Uganda

Youth Bank Nigeria

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Youth Bank Nigeria
About us
YouthBank was conceived by Theodore Ogbonna, the head of African Youth for Transparency, an United Nations recognized NGO formed in Lagos in 1998. Orphaned at age seven, he spent years living as one of the many young people crowding the streets of the port city of Lagos, hawking old newspapers and offering shoe-shines. He witnessed firsthand the frustrations of saving pennies and the terror of wandering packs of area boys, preying on younger children.

In 2004, Theo took part in the World Youth Centre, a social entrepreneurship program in Toronto, where he encountered Clara Chow , who shared his vision of making YouthBank a reality. Since then, a dedicated YouthBank team has been assembled, comprised of University of Pennsylvania students, a group of volunteers on the ground in Lagos, and several interested advisors and mentors, including Nigerian, Canadian and American lawyers, international development consultants, and microfinance workers.
YouthBank operates a community youth center, employing high potential Lagosian street youth to act as managers and employees. Through on-the-job training and seminars, YouthBank employees develop fundamental business skills. YouthBank also grants small loans to proven employees who demonstrate an interest in starting their own business.

Manyangwa, Uganda

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Report From Manyangwa
  1. Tree planting
  2. Animal husbandry
  3. Lend a helping hand project(A friendly gesture)
Tree planting
The teachers and pupils have recently embarked on a massive tree planting exercise in the school preserved property for trees, and in the immediate community. The trees planted are mainly fruit trees. The seeds are developed in nursery beds at the school. Students are also encouraged to carry on the exercise at there homes.
Animal husbandry project
The pupils have also come together and pooled bits of their pocket money to start up a piggery project. Their agriculture teachers initiated the idea with the aim of using is for study purposes and a way of encouraging and educating them on small projects that they can do for an income.
The children learn basic skills of looking after animals and develop a love for them. Carrying this project out is hoped to encourage children to think about animal husbandry as a vacation where they can earn money for a living.
The present animal stock is composed of 10 pigs, three of which are under gestation. When the gestating pigs deliver, we hope to start an outreach project where the children can in groups, or individually take a pig home and start rearing it using the skills acquired from the school farm project.
Pupil to Pupil Aid Initiative
In this initiative, children believe “Nobody is too poor to have something to give, or too rich to need anything”. With this in mind, members believe that tragedy or fate has no timetable, it can happen to anybody. So here, children continue to contribute whatever they can in cash or kind with the aim of helping fellow pupils in need. They contribute anything from pens and pencils to school uniform. This makes all feel love irrespective of their fate. Since its start four years ago, the initiative has benefited over 60 pupils.
Ssennoga Paul

Member of NiPRO excels - Nigeria

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Queen invites London Metropolitan University Law student to Buckingham Palace reception

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has invited 19-year-old London Metropolitan University Law student, Temidayo (Dayo) Israel-Abdulai, to a reception at Buckingham Palace that marks her forthcoming visit to Uganda this November for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM.)

Dayo has been invited alongside other African leaders in the UK and is the youngest person to attend a reception of this kind at the Palace. His invitation comes as a result of his outstanding commitment to Africa and Africa’s Diaspora Youth Development.
Dayo, who has met many other world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan and President Obasanjo, said it was an honour to receive an invitation of this kind from the Queen. ‘I believe it will give me an opportunity to see what goes on inside such a powerful palace,’ he commented.
President of the University’s Nigerian Society and a valued member of London Met’s student volunteer schemes, Dayo is an influential and impressive student whose history of extra-curricular activity includes a visit to Malawi in 2005 to attend the United Nations Young General Assembly Annual Session and the development of the Africa Diaspora Youth Forum.
At London Met he has served as Peer Support Officer and as a Student Academic Representative for the Department of Law, Governance and International Relations, and has also been a member of the Student Welcome Team.
In his role as President of the Nigerian Society, Dayo he has put together a monthly ‘Black Student Business Networking Evening’ on the last Tuesday of every month. He has also served as President of the University’s Human Rights Society and as Leader of the University’s Law Society and Christian Union.
Dayo’s influence stretches beyond the University. All year round he hosts a series of Youth Empowerment and mentoring tours across the United States, and currently he is working as a British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Ambassador and as a Special Representative of the Young General Assembly UN Meetings.
In September, Dayo addressed the Youth Session of the UN, commemorating the International Day of Peace at the UN headquarters in New York. In attendance were the UN Secretary General, Bai Ki Moon, and the UN Goodwill Ambassador and celebrated actor, Michael Douglas.
This December, Dayo is leading a youth delegation on a special pilgrimage to Israel, which is being hosted by the Diplomatic Community in Israel.
Dayo has won many awards for his work, including the People Working Earnestly for Africa (PEWA) Award, the Gathering of African Best (GAB) Award, and, in January 2007, he was a finalist in two categories for the biggest youth award in Africa, The Future Nigeria Award. He was also a finalist for the Young Person of the Year Award and the Youth Advocacy Award, all culminating in his invitation to Buckingham Palace.

7 November 2007

Ecological Centre Belarus

Hello Dear Don.
In ecological centre lead sum up of water project. There were  a
lot of peole, among them students, region's  workers, scholars and nearly
35 guests. During this program all participants was awarded.
The fist place in photo competition took Zozylja Aleksandr. Your
present- a cup was given to him. We send you some photos of celebration.
Thank you very much for presents. We together look your with
participants from other countries.
Tamara thank you very much and hope to collaborate with you in the

Link Community Development Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Educational packs - posters - teachers' resource material and lesson plans

Nigeria Kano

Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,

NiPRO recorded another success in Kano as it hosts its Values for Positive Citizenship (Module 3) workshop in cooperation with Development Impact for Nigeria (DIFN) with support from A Ray of Hope, Unesco Youth Ambassador for the culture of Peace and British Council, Kano from Friday, November 2 to Sunday, November 4, 2007 at the British Council, Kano.

The three days brought together young professionals from Akwa (Anambra State), Kwara, Kaduna, Cross Rivers, Delta, Abuja, Lagos, Niger and Kano. Participants were trained on Values for positive citizenship by Mr. Yomi Oloko of DIFN with technical support from  Kemi Akeju, NiPRO Kano coordinator and Endurance Edafe.

Our special appreciation goes to DIFN, A Ray of Hope, British Council, all the participants and to Kemi Akeju whose  undying passion made the workshop a huge success.

NiPRO is coming to a city near you. 


Nigeria NiPRO - module and training summary.

Saturday, November 03, 2007




                        Nigerian Professionals International


NiPRO International is a global network of motivated young Nigerian professionals working together to build a prosperous, united and stronger Nigeria now and for the future. NiPRO is a subdivision of the African Professionals Network. It is affiliated to A Ray of Hope, Unesco Youth Ambassador for the culture of Peace (


Our Vision (Worldwide)
To build a new positive image and appreciation for young Nigerian professionals and Nigeria, her culture and her people!"


Our Mission
Fostering the growth of highly talented, socially responsible and dynamic young Nigerian professionals to
- Address issues that affect young Nigerians
- Build meaningful contacts
- Cultivate impeccable professionalism
- Discover business etiquette & protocol
- Exchange ideas & visions
- Foster Travelers' Philanthropy in Nigeria


NiPRO has Five Pillars upon which we are building the Network:
- Professional Development
- Wealth Creation & Investment
- Cultural & Political Awareness
- Technology
- Community Service i.e. Medical & Technology Missions via Travelers' Philanthropy



SEPTEMBER 30, 2006


THEME- Migration: Myths And Reality

The event fulfilled its vision to explore opportunities, discuss possible impediments and doubts, and also emphasize the incentives and existing opportunities in Nigeria and offer advice to practicing entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs; thereby drawing an accurate picture of business in Nigeria. The workshop also discouraged Nigerians from running overseas to live there but to stay in Nigeria to help in the ongoing developmental works.


Friday, 23 February and Saturday, 24 February, 2007

Values in Positive Citizenship Workshop.


Nigerian Professionals (NiPRO) International Network in cooperation with A Ray of Hope, Unesco Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace organized a three day Values in Positive Citizenship workshop which attracted young professionals from across the country.


The rationale was to provide a reflective introductory understanding of what citizenship is to young adults; to discuss what it means being a citizen; to explore values undraping understanding of citizenship to young people; to help young people further develop skills important to citizenship such as Active Listening, Appreciating Difference and Team Building / Group Working; and to encourage individual community volunteering on the part of participants.


May31, 2007

Policy Impact Review Program

NiPRO and Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL) jointly organized a one day breakfast meeting Organized at the Lagos Business School, Pan African University, Victoria Island, Lagos. 


June 9- July 14, 2007

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills That Impact Nigerian Youths (Destiny)

This six (6) weekend programme had twenty (20) aspiring young entrepreneurs from Lagos, Ogbomosho, Abeokuta and Onitsha as participants. They were trained and empowered by seasoned professionals on being self sufficient and how to unleash their potentials for productivity at the People to People International Office, Lagos. The event featured successful entrepreneurs who shared their experiences on how they started their own businesses. Participants were offered certificate of completion at the end of the training. This gave birth to the Destiny investment club and has a list serve that still keeps the participants and facilitators connected.



JUNE 15-17, 2007

Values in Positive citizenship Workshop (Module 2)

The much awaited module II of the living values for positive citizenship training programme was held at International Press Conference, Ogba, Lagos. The training programme was spread over three days with various sessions and group activities facilitated by Mr. Yomi Oloko of Development Impact for Nigeria (UK) It was sponsored by A Ray of Hope, Unesco Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace.



AUGUST 4, 2007


NiPRO in cooperation with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) and Korean Internet Volunteers (KIVs) hosted an International Youth Networking Day (IYND) this weekend (Saturday) August 4, 2007 tagged: Young and Enterprising at the Nigerian Internet Group office, at 7 Olayinka Bamgbose Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos. The event brought together twenty six  (26) participants. Victor Gotevbe and Gbenga Sesan served as speakers for this event.


August 11, 2007


NiPRO recorded another success as it witnessed its launch in Abuja at the Fix Nigeria Initiative (FNI) office of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The event drew young professionals from Jigawa, Jos, Lagos, Abuja and Kano.


AUGUST 12, 2007


NiPRO, Paradigm Initiative of Nigeria (PIN) and Korean Internet Volunteers (KIVs) hosted the International Youth Networking Day again at The Triangle, facilitating networking on International Youth day (August 12, 2007). The three organizations were introduced by their representatives.


The event brought together young professionals from various walks of life. We had three countries represented at the meeting, namely, North Korea, United States of America and Nigeria.


SEPTEMBER 15, 2007


NiPRO in cooperation with Iven technologies Limited recorded another success with the Accelerated networking series tagged: Building Professional Relationships. The event brought together top level executives, graduate students and up coming professionals from Ogun State, Oyo State, Imo State and Lagos State at the Iven Technologies conference room.  This unique event served as a platform for attendees to market their businesses, services or employment needs to a network of young professionals interested in helping each other in their business endeavors and professions.




OCTOBER 6, 2007


NiPRO in collaboration with Future Hope Foundation (FHF) of Nigeria hosted a Step down series which had Mr. Julius Agbongbase, Assistant General Manager, UNIC Insurance, a top level  executive as the guest speaker.





NiPRO International


Tel: +1 305 774 1677 (US)           +234 0803 305 7677 (Nigeria)        +447957442093 (UK)


For more info visit us at our website at: or contact us at





Belarus, Tanzania and Link Community Development.

Dance/gymnastics supplies, educational resources, teachers' notes, posters and miscellaneous educational items, and baby clothes dispatched.

Roch Valley - United Kingdom

Roch Valley, an incredibly supportive company, has been a friend of A Ray of Hope for many years - we thank them sincerely for their continuous support - and for the last assignment of dance/gymnastics supplies that they had delivered to us. Most of the items are already in the post to Tanzania and Belarus.

Sony Nepal

Sony planting and watering flowers at the Metta centre