Friday, February 24, 2006

Substantial amount of medical supplies. Including crutches, Zimmer frames, walking aids, sanitary items, curtains, sheets, glassware, hospital and operating theatre implements, stainless steel ware, miscellaneous hospital and health clinic items.

Manyangwa Modern Primary school. Uganda

Monday, February 20, 2006

The children finished the fun books and we were able
to down grade them to the children's standard. It has
really excited them so much that now they have opened
a joke bank in the school. This means that whatever
joke they crack or hear they bring it over to school
for keeping and future reference. Thanks to
Mrs.Victoria Vassie's wonderful innovation.

The jokes have also gone a long way in improving the
children's spoken English and are really proud of it
not mentioning enjoying being part of the fun.

Now on our wish list,it is our sincere prayer that you
really assist as with a clean water source and solar
power. These are our top priorities since they affect
our children's health and academic progress. My wife
Gorret and the entire staff send their greetings.

Sincerely yours
Paul Senoga Mpanga
Manyangwa Modern Primary school.

We have so far printed 100 copies for your collection

Metta Centre, Nepal

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thanks to the Ulster Teachers' Union the princesses in the Metta Centre, Nepal receive their new trousers and bed linen/covers etc.

London Meetings

Sunday, February 12, 2006

It was a pleasure to spend time with Les Stratton UK Coordinator of ASP Net. The programme will go from strength to strength under his leadership.  

The National Commission was extremely informative and demonstrated the commitment that many have to the development of UNESCO principles inside the United Kingdom. Particularly of interest was the Ambassador's explanation on grant aid offered to countries in the developing world and what control the sponsor has over those finances. There were many issues for discussion on the agenda including reports from the various committees.  

The day finished with a short meeting with Charity a delightful lady who wishes to help schools in Nigeria. Certain extenuating circumstances may hinder our involvement but we will be able to assist a little.

Melanie visits the Dump People of the Philippines.

Photographs show the children and their living conditions. Please read report below

From Farhana......... Islamic Festival.

Friday, February 10, 2006

From Farhana......... Islamic Festival.    

I have just been to visit Omer's grandparents with Asim.  They told me today is the first day of a Muharram in the Islamic calendar, called Aashura.  Today Allah saved prophet Noah and his people in the Ark . As a mark of thanksgiving we should fast today.   

Also she said because it is considered a 'Good great Day'  I should indulge the children and make them lots of nice things to eat.  I should cook their favourite food, offer them their favourite dessert and buy them nice things.  She also said today is a blessed day and anything which I would be thinking of buying, I should buy today.

From Charity, representing Kingdomkids School, Nigeria.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is a very deprived area of the world, referring to Owerri, in the south of Nigeria. I contacted you based on what I read on the Tagteacher website.

I sent the photos of the school which you have acknowledged, but do tell me if you are able to communicate with the school itself?

Their address is Kingdomkids International, off Amaigbo Street, Owerri, Nigeria.

 Alternatively you may contact me on their behalf.


They need to complete the classrooms which had to be abandoned due to funds shortage, so financial help would be such a help to them.




Melanie and Team visit the Philippines

We were 5 women, who went to The Philippines for 3 weeks in January this year. We were basically destined to go to 2 different Islands. On being Manila on Luzon Island, and the other was a 3 hour flight South to the Island of Mindineao


Team members were; Melanie Price from Manchester. Rev Debra Sweetin, of Battle Cry Ministries,Tulsa, Oaklaholma, USA. Thelma Lynch,from Anglesey,N Wales.

 Rose Williams,from London. Sheree Todd from London.


  Our intentions were to go to the poor areas, and  Churches We wanted to locate the "water people", and the "dump children", and the squatters, living in the Manila Bay area. We went to access the situation, in a view to setting up support, Spiritually, Financially, Educationally, and Medically.


All this was achieved, and much more besides.


1) We set up 2  groups of  local people,  who live in the water area  The people live on boxes propped up on stilts, on the waters edge. They will access the basic needs of the young, poor, sick, and infirm.


2)  In the dump area, there were whole communities of children, living and surviving, off the rubbish. Conditions were horrendous. We found a little 5 year old girl, called Alice. She is a child of a young unmarried teenager, who also lives off the tip  She has an hare shun lip, and cleft palette.  We are going to have a doctor to look at her, to perform an operation to fix her lip. The operation will be performed in Manila, and we,  will be paying for it privately.


3)We have paid for a house to be rented for a year, for Linda. Linda lives in a shanty hut, and has 7 children. She is 4ft 6", tall and her home is 3ft 6"high. She had never laid flat in her home for 20 years, and her children, slept across her lap. They were sssooo happy, to have a little house to live in.


4)We have had a  toilet and shower room built, at the side of the Pastors humble home. It was completed  while we were there.  Pastor  Alan and Weng Pelobelo,  were hosting us. We needed it as urgently,  as they did. They live in  Daveao, on the island of Mindinao. They are receiving, and looking after many people in their village, in the banana plantation. This is a very remote area, and the people are extremely poor.


Average wage for a man, working, 12 hours, 7 days a week, is 400 pasos, equivalent to £4   We aim to support them in developing a dropin center, and in what ever way we can, that will help them develop socially and economically. We have another team going out in June.


5) We met with the Mayor of Daveo. He gave us permission to go to the local Governing bodies,(Police, the Army, and the local council),  to get any help that we would need in setting up a support team..

Metta Centre Nepal

Monday, February 06, 2006

Metta Centre Nepal    

Princesses receive new notebooks etc.