Mini Report 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006

On behalf of A Ray of Hope,  UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace. could  I proffer season’s greetings and best wishes to you all for a healthy and happy 2007. I must also extend to the many dedicated members our sincere thanks for your support, in its myriad of forms, which came our way during 2006 and allowed us to not only develop as an organisation but more importantly to assist many more children and groupings overseas.

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It would be difficult to nominate one project over another for special mention however 14 visits by our representatives to overseas projects in Hungary, Romania, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Belarus, Philippines. Serbia, Jordan and Montenegro to initiate and develop projects was a pleasing development. Visits to Hungary, Belarus, India and Nigeria are already at the planning stage for 2007.


Many thousands of pounds worth of medical and educational supplies were delivered to 14 countries. This could not have happened without the incredibly generous support of companies throughout the United Kingdom and in some cases companies overseas


A Ray of Hope began life 11 years ago with 10 teachers and 60 children and now boasts a membership of those caring and being cared for of over 300,000.  Affiliations from Sobo Orphanage in Senegal, “AHEAD” working in Ethiopia, “SEED” supporting schools in Tanzania and NiPRO, a network of 25,000 young professionals both in and outside Nigeria all have contributed very positively and extended the global family of A Ray of Hope.


It was a great delight for us to learn that Aminatta and Simon, and their magnificent band of stalwarts, have completed the school in Sierra Leone. Many years of endeavour, and certainly great commitment, reaped the harvest that was truly deserved. Purchases of land and buildings in India, Hungary, Romania and Philippines came about due to the friends and families of our remarkable department heads and liaison representatives.


A Ray of Hope is fortunate in having representation on the United Kingdom’s National Commission for UNESCO’s Education Committee, the African Working Group and the Peace and Security Group – also extremely close links to UK’s ASP Net. All in their turn add new dimensions to A Ray of Hope. Young Matthew Cooper, aged 10, addressed the Inaugural Conference of the National Commission in Nottingham and Hayley Murphy, a recently qualified doctor in Nano-biomedical technology represented the United Kingdom and  A Ray of Hope at the Euro-Mediterranean Forum in Cyprus.


I suppose the project that gave me the greatest fun was the purchasing of animals for organisations in Nepal, Sierra Leone and Uganda as not only will they be able to provide fresh eggs and milk for the establishments concerned but animal husbandry classes will  be additional extra curricular activity.


The expertise in A Ray of Hope was extended by the appointments of highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals in the fields of World Heritage sites, Health and Hygiene, Peace through Art, Positive Citizenship and  Digital Literacy.


Art competitions in Nigeria, Belarus and Northern Ireland promoted our ethos yet further with the contribution to the United Nations Peace Day in Belarus being possibly the largest as a single project in the world.


Honorary appointments and patronages have also been awarded in at least Uganda, Nigeria and Belarus as many of our representatives keep their accolades to themselves.


Thank you again for your support and we can be assured that the same is forthcoming in 2007




Director   A Ray of Hope

UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

New Years Greetings

Greetings and best wishes received from Nigeria, Uganda, Nepal, France, Belarus, Japan, Canada, United States, Romania, England, Hungary, Algeria and more


Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm very sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Just a quick email to inform you that the parcel you sent has arrived safely in Wales and will be winging its way over to Ghana very soon. Thank you once again for your help - it's very much appreciated. Hopefully the parcel will arrive safely at the school not long after Christmas. I'd also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or "Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda" as we say over here!
Thank you once again,

SEED Tanzania

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SEED Tanzania
The wonderful team of people led by Emma Price in the organisation SEED assisting schools in Tanzania have affiliated to A Ray of Hope

Seattle, Washington

New Appointment Seattle Washington
Laura Larsson appointed digital literacy advisor for A Ray of Hope


Young animals arrive at the Metta Centre


Hi Don,
great talking to you.
The website for the group [Development Impact For Nigeria - DIFN] I belong to is
I am the UK Coordinator [ a volunteer position] and apart from the general role of promoting the aims of DIFN I particularly am interested in developing school and youth based work in Nigeria. DIFN mainly works in the 6 South West States in Nigeria.
So far I have helped introduce The Child to Child and the Living Values Education Programme into some schools in Nigeria and I would love for DIFN to be linked with A Ray of Hope.
Don any way you feel I can be of help to getting A Ray of Hope ideas into our schools we work with please feel free to let me know.
I feel my main passion is helping school children, teachers and young adults become peace makers for positive change in Nigeria. As such I see the importance of A Ray of Hope and I feel it would be right for DIFN to be  a partner of A Ray of Hope in Nigeria.
I will wait till you get back to me for further discussion of how to make that possible.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Peace Activist


Dear brothers & sisters,

We all need to pray for one another, and to love one another. We should always pray for the safety, peace, love and brotherhood for people all over the world.Too bad we can't have an independence day for the entire world. A day of freedom from ignorance, hatred, war, illusions, power and control. A day where we can all love each other as human beings and toss away the weapons of war, and cast out our fears and hatreds from our hearts into the graves. We must mourn the graves of the innocents all over the world, and give the children of the world the hope of a peaceful, loving and beautiful world.

A world full of love and without hatred or fear. A world where we can join hands together and accept one another, regardless of our skin colour, ethnic divisions, religion or nationality. If we don't unite as a human race, then we have condemned the future generation of children a dark and very grim future.  Think of love, compassion and peace always...




Welcome to the latest update from Cawdnet - working in

Nigeria and the UK to make the most of digital technology

for development.


1. Introduction

2. Cawdnet Campus

3. Newsletter, News Alerts and News boards

4. Teachers Talking Anniversary Celebration

5. Shopping on-line can help CAWD

6. Summary


1. Introduction

This newsletter features our annual celebration of

Teachers Talking - when rural teachers in Nigeria gather

to be online and chat across the digital divide with

friends in the UK. It also demonstrates our new approach

to sharing news, which, for the first time, points you to

Cawdnet Campus.


2. Cawdnet Campus

Cawdnet Campus is our new "virtual meeting place" on the

Internet. It was mentioned briefly in Newsletter 40.

Rather than explaining what it is, and how we hope it

will work, we will simply start to use it to support the

Newsletter over the coming months. Gradually as it gets

increasingly up-and-running we hope you will appreciate

its many features and benefits. Techies may like to know

that Cawdnet Campus runs on Moodle. As with any new

enterprise "teething troubles" are a distinct possibility

- so please be patient with us. Anyone with experience of

Moodle (or interest in it) is very welcome to come and

join Pam and Lorraine on

their learning curve and help to get Cawdnet information

moved to Moodle.


3. Newsletter, News Alerts and Newsboards

We plan to experiment with News Alerts instead of our old

style newsletter.Those of you who subscribe to various

online newsletters will be aware of the news alerts style.

Instead of a newsletter *covering* stories in full it

simply *offers* the full stories. It gives the opening

sentences of each story plus a link to where you can read

more. This makes it much easier for readers to quickly

scan the contents and choose what they want to read in

detail. Thanks to Cawdnet Campus we can now try this

approach. Our story about the Teachers Talking Anniversary

Celebration is our first experiment at creating a news alert.


4. Teachers Talking Anniversary Celebration

Most teachers who attend the Teachers Talking training

programme work in rural schools well away from the

Internet, so our annual on-line get together is a real

cause for celebration. The second annual Teachers Talking

anniversary celebration was held on Friday 17th November.

Florence Bukola Bale, who helped to present the TT course

earlier this year, arranged the anniversary celebration at

Fantsuam Foundation (FF) Community Learning Centre (CLC).

It was judged a great success by those who participated.

During the morning Florence .... click for the full

story - you'll find it as "Latest News" in the middle of

the page.


5. Shopping on-line can help CAWD.

As Christmas approaches you may be shopping online. Many

major stores - such as Marks and Spencers, Jessops, Toys R

Us, Currys, Comet, Hamleys, and lots more make a donation

to your chosen charity if you buy online through

easyfundraising. You can nominate CAWD as your chosen

charity. It costs you nothing - in fact there are often

excellent special offers. It's an easy way to shop, and it

boosts our funds - so please check the link for your

favourite suppliers - keep this link to hand - and pass it

on to your friends



The Teachers Talking second anniversary online celebration

was a great success. The cewlebration story was used to

try out our new "alerts" approach to the Newsletter using

Cawdnet Campus. There was also a reminder that shopping

online through is a

great way to boost CAWD's funds.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Supplies leave Largymore Primary School for Romanian Christmas Appeal

Sierra Leone, India, Hungary, Ghana and Ethiopia

Sierra Leone, India, Hungary, Ghana and Ethiopia
Supplies consisting of toiletries, small pharmaceuticals, educational resources, notebooks, office equipment and medical supplies sent to Sierra Leone, India, Hungary, Ghana and Ethiopia.

Sierra Leone and Nepal

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sierra Leone and Nepal
Cow, goats, sheep hens and ducks purchased for Sierra Leone and Nepal.
Please look at for animal catalogue


Pharmaceuticals, toiletries, educational items dispatched to Sierra Leone, India, Hungary, Ghana, Ethiopia and Romania.

Many Countries - Largymore Primary School

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Many Countries - Largymore Primary School
A magnificent effort from the pupils parents and friends net over £2500 worth of pharmaceuticals, toiletries etc for Hungary Romania, Sierra Leone, Ghana, India and Ethiopia. 


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Elfneh distributes sports clothes and educational supplies in Ethiopia


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our princesses with some of the supplies purchased by A ray of Hope


Friday, October 06, 2006

Welcome to our new friends NIPRO International Nigeria
An organisation of professional Nigerians striving to make a difference.
More information and photographs of their recent event can be found at the link below.

Melanie and team visit Hungary.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This must have been one of the shortest trips I've ever been on. 

Rita, Betty and myself set of for Budapest, from London, on Monday, September 18. We arrived late morning and were picked up by Lajois and Janeo,in the minibus. 

Tuesday, we headed straight for Bag, where the local folk .......................



Irish National Flying Club presents cheque to Julie and Matthew from A Ray of Hope for projects overseas.

A Ray of Hope global message to celebrate United Nations Peace Day an unbelievable success.
2000 responses in 14 days from 40 countries.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Congratulations to Seguya on his certificate awarded by the World Bank

British Airways and Ethiopia

British Airways and Ethiopia
Thank you to British Airways for their continued support. On World Peace Day they permitted us to have a very substantial amount of blankets and children clothing for Ethiopia.


Thanks to Heatons Lurgan and Ireland a large shipment of fleece coats began journey to home for children in Romania. All fleeces sized to allow for one jacket per child.

Romania and India

Monday, September 18, 2006

A massive thank you to Heatons Ireland for their continuous and very generous support. Also to Carol - the general manager of Heatons Lurgan for the dedication and involvement of herself and staff.


A shipment of educational posters, teachers' notes and resource material and miscellaneous medical supplies sent to Ethiopia via "Ahead".


Thank you to Des and his team for the last delivery of medical supplies.

World Peace Day 21st September, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

World Peace Day 21st September, 2006
Dear All
If you can see this global greeting please reply so we can gather information on how far it has travelled. Please forward it to as many people as you wish and encourage them also to reply to
We will later publish information on how far are simple hand of friendship was extended.
Take care all

Largymore Primary Scoops Top Awards


A national creative writing Competition was held to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The competition was judged by James Mates of ITN and children’s author Michael Morpurgo. Both felt that the entries from Largymore Primary were of an exceptional standard.


It was very pleasing for the school to learn that their pupils, Julie Mills,  had received equal first and Matthew Cooper, runner up in the UK wide competition.


James Mate’s commented on Julie’s poem, “It had a great rhythm to it. I particularly liked the final six lines which conveyed to me the lasting mental as well as physical, legacies of Chernobyl. The low-key tribute to the courage of her fireman father I found very touching.”


The principal, Mr. Harry Stewart, welcomed the result and commented that maybe the school’s  close association with schools in Belarus for the last 10 years allowed the children a greater awareness and understanding of the horrific disaster.


Mr. Les Stratton, Coordinator of UK Associated School’s Project Network for UNESCO, of which Largymore Primary is a founder member, congratulated the children and added that this was the type of empathy and global understanding that we wish to promote and encourage in the ASP Network.


Mr. Stratton will shortly visit the province to have discussions on furthering UNESCO’s ASP Network ethos.


Extract from Julie’s poem :-


“I did not know where dad was – he might have been away !

He was just a lowly fireman who had to earn his pay.

Later I discovered he had been very brave.

He gave his life for others and many did he save.


We left for the city and there we now remain.

Long distance from our home and nights of thought and pain.


Years have now passed since that horrendous day.

An accident maybe ……… but now everyone pays.”


Carrier Pigeons Report 2005-2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006


The group is made up of 45 youth members, including the 15 new ones. The fifteen joined around the months of May and June 2006. Of the 45, 15 are pursuing their studies. This means we only get the services of these members during holidays. The 3 members who have always been around have put up good performances, in the midst of unbearable problems.


In August 2005, one of our members, Madam Gertrude Nakagolo left as she was transferred to Masindi District by her employer.





General monthly meetings convened at our center point as indicated on the work plan are held. This creates chances to analyze the achievements and failures hence attaining solutions, new skills and techniques. Twelve (12) general meetings have been conducted in the last 12 months.



A culture to organize seminars is still well organized. ON 15th December 2005, we organized a seminar conducted by Mr. Kasozi Peter at Gayaza community. The theme was “Declaring War on Child Abuse”. The seminar attracted 55 people from all walks of life in the community.


We also organized a seminar on the Candle Light Memorial to remember the people lost to the killer AIDS. Mr. Katumba Samuel, a member of the Post Test club of Mulago talked about Health Management and Post-Testing. He directed his help to those who had tested either negative or positive. This seminar was held at Kawempe LC 1 government hospital.


Out Reaches


Kabubbu Community hosted us for a show on the 10th of August 2005 and we presented a play on the proper use of mosquito nets and good sanitation. This presentation was done to the entire community and the students and members of the Staff of the primary school.


We celebrated the AIDS of 2005 (1st December) with the District at Wakiso district grounds. There we performed a song about Stigma and Discrimination, and recited a poem – Killer Disease. The District authorities estimated the gathering at 400.


We had a show at Nangabo Sub-County on 4th Jan 2006 with the theme “Fight Stigma and Discrimination”.


Bulamu community was privileged to host us on the 24th of Feb 2006 for a show about good parenting and the advantages of writing a will. Writing wills helps reduce family disagreements over the sharing of property of the deceased. Where a clear will was not left by the deceased, family members normally struggle over the property leaving the widow and the orphans at a loss. The gathering was around 180.


Kasangati community was also given a show the 30th Feb 2006. This was about the A, B, C letters for Abstain, Being Faithful to one’s partner and using Condoms. They’re simple letters and help carry the message well and clearly.


We visited Savannah High School and presented a show to its 683 students, and the staff. The show was on Declaring war on Child Abuse.


We took part in the celebration of the Day of the African Child at the National Theatre on the 19th of April 2006. The theme was “Every Child Needs a Teacher”. Over 500 people attended.


We visited Kabubbu Community on the 13th of May 2006. We presented to the community and the students and staff of schools there a show on HIV infection, abortion, excessive bearing of children and their related consequences. The gathering was well above 500 hundred people all-together.


Gayaza community celebrated its day of the African Child on the 29th May 2006. We hosted people at our training grounds. We had a match through area with a brass band and we’d different performances from other groups and individuals we invited. 266 people turned up for the function, including local area leaders and representatives from the local court, police and security personnel. They gave speeches about child abuse, and the community should do to protect the children.


We visited Kisenyi Community, Rubaga Division, Kampala district and presented a show on the theme “AIDS KILLS, KEEP THE PROMISE”. Around 480 people turned up in the community grounds to see the MDD performances we presented along with other groups from that very community.


On the 8the of July 2006, we presented a show at Green Light Academy, Manyangwa, Kabubbu Parish. The presentation was on Good Sanitation and Hygiene.  The schools population of 187 children and staff attended.


Manyangwa as a community hosted us on the 13th of August 2006. The show was on good parenting and proper sanitation.


We hosted a Red Cross Team at Gayaza after we’d mobilized people to test for HIV. 100 (35 youths 65 adults) people tested for HIV and 40 of these donated blood.


In August 2006, A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace donated to us a new scenery painting.



  • The group meetings have kept members together. This has enhanced better performances at shows.
  • We’ve been able to hold a number  of performances to various communities. This has helped to bring about change in people’s lives, particularly attitudes towards the different issues that we touch on.
  • We’ve influenced many people to test for HIV and helped form post-test clubs.
  • Our number has been increased to 45


  • The group activities are often affected by members who have to go far places to study. This at times gets into our treasury to fund the transport of such members from their schools.
  • Acquiring a video camera so we can at least send videos to those places where we turn down invitations for one reason or another.
  • Acquisition of a public address system for engagements where the gathering is so big.  
  • Inadequate funds for transport to our engagements.


Future Plans


-         We plan to continue with our shows with different communities or schools

-         We plan to visit communities beyond Kampala and beyond those surrounding our area.

-         We also intend to shoot videos for our different plays




Our sincere thanks are extended to:


1)      Individual members

2)      Gayaza Community

3)      Kabubbu Community

4)      CCF Gayaza Project

5)      A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

6)      All well-wishers.


Prepared by

Namiiro Bridget







Supplies Sent.
Educational posters and resource materials sent to Romania, Hungary, Philippines and India also baby blankets and baby clothes to Hungary.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006




> Dear brothers & sisters,


> We all need to pray for one another, and to love one

> another. We should always pray for the safety, peace,

> love and brotherhood for people all over the world.

> Too bad we can't have an independence day for the

> entire world. A day of freedom from ignorance, hatred,

> war, illusions, power and control. A day where we can

> all love each other as human beings and toss away the

> weapons of war, and cast out our fears and hatreds

> from our hearts into the graves. We must mourn the

> graves of the innocents all over the world, and give

> the children of the world the hope of a peaceful,

> loving and beautiful world.


> A world full of love and without hatred or fear. A

> world where we can join hands together and accept one another,

> regardless of our skin colour, ethnic divisions, religion or

> nationality. If we don't unite as a human race, then we have condemned

> the future generation of children a dark and very grim future.


> Think of love, compassion and peace always...





> Merciful God, You made all of the people of the world

> in Your own image and placed before us the pathway of salvation

> through different Preachers who claimed to have been Your Saints and

> Prophets. But, the contradictions (made by us) in the interpretation

> of Your teachings have resulted in creating divisions,

> faith based hatreds and bloodshed in the world

> community. Millions of innocent men, women and

> children have so far been brutally killed by the

> militants of several religions who have been

> committing horrifying crimes against humanity and

> millions more would not be butchered by them in the

> future, if You guide and help us find ways to reunite

> peacefully.



> look with compassion on the whole human family; take

> away the controversial teachings of arrogance,

> divisions and hatreds which have badly infected our

> hearts; break down the walls that separate us; reunite

> us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to

> accomplish Your purposes on earth; that, in Your good time, all

> nations and races could jointly serve You in justice, peace and

> harmony. (Amen)


> Regards,

> S.A.Rehman

> Peace Activist



Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hi Vickie and Don,
I've received the scenery painting for the Pigeons. I I'll handle it to them and send the photographs.
The artist will also print 10 T.shirts; 2 for the liaisons to the ambassador, with the following wordings:
A Ray of Hope, UNESCO  -- Front
Liaison to the Youth Ambassador  ---  Back
And 8 with:
Kabubbu Community Library  -- Front
A Ray of Hope, UNESCO           ---  Back
Supports Kabubbu Community Library 
I hope you're doing fine.
Beautiful times,


Educational materials, teachers' notes, lesson plans, posters and resource material sent to Nigeria.



15 August 2006




Belarusians Make Top Three At European Athletics Championship

(a copy in English and Russian attached hereto)


The Belarusian national team made top three at the 19th European Championship in Athletics in Goeteborg, Sweden.


For the seven days of the European challenge Belarusians won 9 medals, of them 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze, leaving behind British, Italian, French and Spanish rivals. The Belarusian national team ranked third behind Russian and German counterparts who won 34 and 10 medals respectively.


Belarus’ highlights of the competition included a fine first place for Rita Turova in the 20 km race walking, Andrei Mikhnevich powering to second in the shot-put, Alesya Turova’s dazzling performance in the 3000m hurdles as well as Natalya Khoronenko and Ivan Tikhon’s victories in the shot-put and hammer-throwing respectively. Nadezhda Ostapchuk won silver in the shot-put, Vadim Devyatosky – bronze in the hammer-throwing. The Belarusian teams also won silver and bronze in the 4x400 and 4x100 sprint.


According to experts, the results of the Goeteborg Championship speak about good prospects for the Belarusian team at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.



Visit to Belarus

Visit to Belarus July/August 2006

Late July, 2006 and time to yet again  visit “Moy Dom” – Mozyr, Belarus. As always, wary of the possibility of extremely high temperatures but that was not to be. Temperatures during my stay were hot without being uncomfortable and at night cool enough  to sleep soundly.

 I was met at the airport by my “beloved brother” Sergey, Sasha and Nastya. I remember Nastya as a delightful child but now she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady and an excellent speaker of English. She is currently studying  at the University of Minsk.,,,,,,,,,,,, more......... Informal report Culture and ecology museum Miscellaneous gallery meeting with Director of Education
www.peaceonedaybelarus2006 Peace One Day Website


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Education packs, teachers' notes and resource material sent to four schools in Zanzibar

Mr. Hilary Benn MP

Secretary of State for International Development sends his best wishes and regards

“Peace message from Kenya”

Dear all,
Your programme Peacemusic PM012 of July 2006  produced by your servant Ben Mussanzi wa Mussangu will be on air on BCB 96.7 FM on Sunday 23/07/06 (1-2pmGMT),
 The theme is “Peace message from Kenya” and it is dedicated to “Middle East” as part of CRC contribution for global peace. The guest speaker is George Wachira of Nairobi Peace Initiative

 For your feedback, comments and positive critics for the improvement of your programme
 Peacemusic, please feel free to email:

 For those who are around the world and not in Bradford, if you have
 installed Realplayer on your computer, you can
 listen BCB live on

 Enjoy the programme Peacemusic 012 of July2006!
NB: From next month (1st August 06), BCB will be broadcasting on abrand new frequency 106.6 FM

Chers tous,
Votre programme en Anglais Peacemusic PM012 du mois de Juillet 2006, de votre serviteur Ben Mussanzi wa Mussangu, dedie au“Moyen Orient”, comme part de contribution du CRC pour la paix dans le monde, sera diffusé sur les ondes de BCB 96.7 FM ce Dimanche 23/07/06 (1-2pmGMT),

 Le theme aborde c’est “Message de paix en provenance du
Kenya”. Et l’invite du jour sera George Wachira de Nairobi Peace Initiative au Kenya.

  Pour le feedback, commentaires et critiques constructifs pour l’amelioration de votre programme  Peacemusic, sentez-vous d’envoyer votre email a:
 Pour ceux qui sont a travers le monde et non pas a Bradford, si vous avez installé Realplayer sur votre ordinateur, vous pouvez alors ecouter en direct BCB ce dimanche sur :

  Bonne écoute!
 Votre fidele serviteur,
NB: A partir du mois prochain (1st Aout 06), BCB emettra sur une toute nouvelle frequence 106.6 FM

Centre Resolution Conflicts (CRC), 43 Rothersay Terrace,Bradford
West Yorkshire,United Kingdom, BD7 1QE, T: +44 (0)1274 427800, M: +44(0)7796988884
Conflict Resolution & Peace Education in order to keep our family/workplace/community/city/nation/world a peaceful place.

Seguya Pius Uganda

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

There’re mistakes that we once did, but can never do now; because we know better. The problem is never with a child who annoys his parent, but with the parent who lashes out or hits at a kid that annoys him.
The problem is not so much with the terrorist, but with the one who uses means of terror to stop terrorism. And ends up quadrupling the number that the terrorist killed. He kills the terrorist, his innocent family and friends, and kills his own people. The ones he dearly loves to protects.
Where you have weak power destroying tens, strong power destroys thousands. The problem is never with the weak, but with the so strong who use their power to destroy. With the so strong that never use their power to correct the wrong, but rather to multiply the wrong.
We never teach any  value to those we assume we’re correcting, except the value; always strike back at those that annoy you. The value of revenge and selfishness. The value of; “you need not change, ‘they’, have to change”. We must be humble enough to recognize that so often, those that do what we perceive to be wrong, or indeed that which is wrong, are only on their journey to spiritual growth, self realization. And so strong to accept that ours ought to be a responsibility of guiding them or supporting them to that growth. Every human soul cries out to bless another. And sometimes, just sometimes, our actions or omissions force others to do wrong.
Someone asked me what peace is; peace is the consideration of the view you don’t hold. It’s the acceptance that the other party so much wants what they believe they’re entitled to, just as you want what you believe to be your right or possession. Once you reach this acceptance, you begin to think and act in terms of mutual benefit.  
You’ll never know what’s right until you know what’s wrong. And what’s wrong can not be clear to you until you don’t doubt what’s right.
We’ve so many problems when our lives are not on purpose. In the end, many problems are created by a man who drives east, west, south and north every time and any time. Because we see too much to be done, and are not decided on what exactly to do, we get overwhelmed and begin to see lots of problems where indeed non exists. Our problem mind begins to see problems and eventually creates them.
There is no problem in the world except the way we think. Every other thing we call a problem is just a thought. If thoughts can change, problems can be solved.

Children Mozyr

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 2006, London

Dear Friends at the A Ray of Hope - Children Mozyr

I hope all is well with you.

As you may be aware, in September 2001 the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution to establish the UN International Day of Peace, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, 21 September annually. The Peace One Day film project inspired and documented the creation of the Day and since has been committed to informing the global community of its existence, with a view to manifesting an annual moment of global unity, as Peace Day is envisioned to become.  As part of this effort, this year with your support, we hope to instigate Peace Day activities in all 191 member states of the United Nations in accordance with the resolution.

It is for this reason that I am writing to you today to ask for your help in raising awareness of Peace Day across the world. I understand that your organisation works to encourage society to participate in cultural, sporting and educational activities that aim to further a move towards a more peaceful and inclusive world. We would be thrilled to provide a free DVD of the award winning feature documentary to the A Ray of Hope - Children Mozyr to inspire your members and show them how an individual really can make a difference.

An observance of Peace Day can take many forms. Previous years have seen commitments from every sector of society from governments to community groups to individuals. These commitments have ranged in scope from public addresses or a citywide minute of silence, to Peace Day street parties or a group discussion.  Simply saying sorry to a friend or relative can count. Our website clearly lists the countries in which commitments have been made, and those in which there are none as yet. By getting involved and making a commitment in your country, or encouraging others to do so, the A Ray of Hope - Children Mozyr could make a major contribution to the furtherance of our goal to unite the world on Peace Day.

Whatever your commitment, either on, or in the lead up to 21 September, please let us know so that we can document it on the website to inspire others to get involved.  The scale of your Peace Day activity is not important; the commitment of individuals to act on the Day is everything. Any images that you are able to send us of your activities on the day, be they still or moving would be very much appreciated.

I do want to say a final word about the term 'non-violence', and why its inclusion in UN GA Resolution 55/282 was so important. I realised early on that a call simply for 'ceasefire' on 21 September was one that could easily be dismissed as relevant only to those living in 'conflict zones'.  The inclusion of the term 'non-violence', coupled with an invitation to 'individuals' to observe the Day, means that 21 September becomes relevant to us all, since every one of us has had some experience with one form of violence or another, whether in our home, school or university or local community.

Thank you again for your support and we very much look forward to hearing from you about any potential commitment you are able to make.

With kind regards
In peace

Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day

Cambridge College, Uganda.



P.O BOX 19092


6TH JULY 2006





Dear Sir,


REF: Appreciation for your donation


On behalf of my fellow students at the college, I wish to pass on our appreciation for the support you’ve always rendered to us. Thanks, in particular, for the recent donation of football boots.


Since you involvement in our school, footballers have become so happy that they win every match they attend.


Thank you so much, we’re grateful.


God bless you,

Mirembe Norah

Zziwa Vicent

Baladna, Israel

Dear Partners and Friends.

 Please find attached  Baladna News, the bi-monthly newsletter of Baladna: Association for Arab Youth.

Every issue we will be updating you with our ongoing activities, our achievements and our plans for the future.

Ur comments and feedback is more than welcomed. The newsletter is in PDF format.

In case you don’t use PDF format you can download it from


Nadim Nashif

Seguya Pius, Uganda

Friday, July 07, 2006

Dear All

Please see attached photos from Combridge College. The

boots were delivered. I'll send the thank you letter


The Pigeons scenery painting is still in the workshop.

Beautiful times,


Metta Centre Nepal

Hope you are all  doing fine. And your princesses went on the short day trip nearby the mountain and met a family with small hut..and had took a picture with them..your princesses want to send to you and send with love and hugs...

Peacemania - Peace Initiative Publication Uganda

Find herewith attached the current issue of the youth newsletter from Uganda. Circulation of the subject to other peace workers and schools will be most appreciated. Articles for the next issue can be sent to the editor and should be short and precise. Tell us how you think we can improve the youth voice.

Thank you.

Jessy Winterbonn Ndozireho

Network for Peace-Building Initiatives (NPI)Uganda.


Hi Vickie and Don,
Combridge College received their footie boots yesterday. We looked for them from second-hand boots and we were able to get 18 pairs. Will send the photos of the handover and the thank you letter from the school.
I gave the CASSO money and the booklets (84pds, and 4 pcs) to Dr. Kintu and Manyangwa money(80pds and 4 pcs) to Ssennoga Paul (Headmaster). I asked Dr. to write a thank you letter to you, Vickie, and Paul shall pass it to you though me.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Miscellaneous finances, small gifts, craft paper, clay and paints, small stationery and office supplies.
paint brushes etc

UK National Commission for UNESCO

Friday, June 23, 2006

UK National Commission for UNESCO
Inaugural Annual Conference, 16-17 June 2006
East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham
The UK National Commission's inaugural Annual Conference successfully concluded on 17 June 2006. Over 200 attended the first Annual Conference since 1985 and took part in the presentations, discussion and consideration of the challenges and opportunities for the UK, UNESCO and the National Commission in the coming decade.
The Rt Hon. Hilary Benn was the after-dinner speaker in the pre-conference reception on 16 June and spoke passionately about his optimism in the achievement and future of the UK National Commission.
A conference report is in the process of being prepared and will be available on this website in due course.
More information and photographs.

Baladna, Israel

From: YAP Long-term volunteering []
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:51 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Dear all,
We are happy to send you the call for volunteers for the next EVS project in Israel 2006!
The whole project will gather 17 European volunteers in 16 different hosting organizations in Israel; the projects will start on mid August 2006 – Mid February 2007 for a duration of 6 months.
The pre-departure training will take place in Brussels around the mid/end of august 2006 (dates to be finalized as soon as the team is selected). The project is an EVS project under the Euro-Med YOUTH programme, meaning that ONLY EU countries are entitled to send volunteers to the Middle East.
Attached you will find the project description (as detailed as possible), as well as the application form. The application must be filled by the applicant him/herself, BUT part 10 must be filled by the sending organization.
The deadline for the International Secretariat to receive applications is 19th of JULY 2006 by 18.00 at the latest! You will get an answer by 24th of JULY 2006 on the selection.
Please send applications ONLY by e-mail.
So.... you have about one month from now to think about it. We are looking forward to receiving your applications and GOOD LUCK!

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Have a nice day,

Project Coordinator
Youth Action for Peace
3 avenue du Parc Royal
B - 1020 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 478 94 10
Fax: +32 2 478 94 32
General info:
General administration:
Youth exchanges, training and seminars:
Long-term Volunteering: