Mini Report 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006

On behalf of A Ray of Hope,  UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace. could  I proffer season’s greetings and best wishes to you all for a healthy and happy 2007. I must also extend to the many dedicated members our sincere thanks for your support, in its myriad of forms, which came our way during 2006 and allowed us to not only develop as an organisation but more importantly to assist many more children and groupings overseas.

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It would be difficult to nominate one project over another for special mention however 14 visits by our representatives to overseas projects in Hungary, Romania, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Belarus, Philippines. Serbia, Jordan and Montenegro to initiate and develop projects was a pleasing development. Visits to Hungary, Belarus, India and Nigeria are already at the planning stage for 2007.


Many thousands of pounds worth of medical and educational supplies were delivered to 14 countries. This could not have happened without the incredibly generous support of companies throughout the United Kingdom and in some cases companies overseas


A Ray of Hope began life 11 years ago with 10 teachers and 60 children and now boasts a membership of those caring and being cared for of over 300,000.  Affiliations from Sobo Orphanage in Senegal, “AHEAD” working in Ethiopia, “SEED” supporting schools in Tanzania and NiPRO, a network of 25,000 young professionals both in and outside Nigeria all have contributed very positively and extended the global family of A Ray of Hope.


It was a great delight for us to learn that Aminatta and Simon, and their magnificent band of stalwarts, have completed the school in Sierra Leone. Many years of endeavour, and certainly great commitment, reaped the harvest that was truly deserved. Purchases of land and buildings in India, Hungary, Romania and Philippines came about due to the friends and families of our remarkable department heads and liaison representatives.


A Ray of Hope is fortunate in having representation on the United Kingdom’s National Commission for UNESCO’s Education Committee, the African Working Group and the Peace and Security Group – also extremely close links to UK’s ASP Net. All in their turn add new dimensions to A Ray of Hope. Young Matthew Cooper, aged 10, addressed the Inaugural Conference of the National Commission in Nottingham and Hayley Murphy, a recently qualified doctor in Nano-biomedical technology represented the United Kingdom and  A Ray of Hope at the Euro-Mediterranean Forum in Cyprus.


I suppose the project that gave me the greatest fun was the purchasing of animals for organisations in Nepal, Sierra Leone and Uganda as not only will they be able to provide fresh eggs and milk for the establishments concerned but animal husbandry classes will  be additional extra curricular activity.


The expertise in A Ray of Hope was extended by the appointments of highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals in the fields of World Heritage sites, Health and Hygiene, Peace through Art, Positive Citizenship and  Digital Literacy.


Art competitions in Nigeria, Belarus and Northern Ireland promoted our ethos yet further with the contribution to the United Nations Peace Day in Belarus being possibly the largest as a single project in the world.


Honorary appointments and patronages have also been awarded in at least Uganda, Nigeria and Belarus as many of our representatives keep their accolades to themselves.


Thank you again for your support and we can be assured that the same is forthcoming in 2007




Director   A Ray of Hope

UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

New Years Greetings

Greetings and best wishes received from Nigeria, Uganda, Nepal, France, Belarus, Japan, Canada, United States, Romania, England, Hungary, Algeria and more


Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm very sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Just a quick email to inform you that the parcel you sent has arrived safely in Wales and will be winging its way over to Ghana very soon. Thank you once again for your help - it's very much appreciated. Hopefully the parcel will arrive safely at the school not long after Christmas. I'd also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or "Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda" as we say over here!
Thank you once again,

SEED Tanzania

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SEED Tanzania
The wonderful team of people led by Emma Price in the organisation SEED assisting schools in Tanzania have affiliated to A Ray of Hope

Seattle, Washington

New Appointment Seattle Washington
Laura Larsson appointed digital literacy advisor for A Ray of Hope


Young animals arrive at the Metta Centre


Hi Don,
great talking to you.
The website for the group [Development Impact For Nigeria - DIFN] I belong to is
I am the UK Coordinator [ a volunteer position] and apart from the general role of promoting the aims of DIFN I particularly am interested in developing school and youth based work in Nigeria. DIFN mainly works in the 6 South West States in Nigeria.
So far I have helped introduce The Child to Child and the Living Values Education Programme into some schools in Nigeria and I would love for DIFN to be linked with A Ray of Hope.
Don any way you feel I can be of help to getting A Ray of Hope ideas into our schools we work with please feel free to let me know.
I feel my main passion is helping school children, teachers and young adults become peace makers for positive change in Nigeria. As such I see the importance of A Ray of Hope and I feel it would be right for DIFN to be  a partner of A Ray of Hope in Nigeria.
I will wait till you get back to me for further discussion of how to make that possible.