Sunday, September 24, 2006

Congratulations to Seguya on his certificate awarded by the World Bank

British Airways and Ethiopia

British Airways and Ethiopia
Thank you to British Airways for their continued support. On World Peace Day they permitted us to have a very substantial amount of blankets and children clothing for Ethiopia.


Thanks to Heatons Lurgan and Ireland a large shipment of fleece coats began journey to home for children in Romania. All fleeces sized to allow for one jacket per child.

Romania and India

Monday, September 18, 2006

A massive thank you to Heatons Ireland for their continuous and very generous support. Also to Carol - the general manager of Heatons Lurgan for the dedication and involvement of herself and staff.


A shipment of educational posters, teachers' notes and resource material and miscellaneous medical supplies sent to Ethiopia via "Ahead".


Thank you to Des and his team for the last delivery of medical supplies.

World Peace Day 21st September, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

World Peace Day 21st September, 2006
Dear All
If you can see this global greeting please reply so we can gather information on how far it has travelled. Please forward it to as many people as you wish and encourage them also to reply to
We will later publish information on how far are simple hand of friendship was extended.
Take care all

Largymore Primary Scoops Top Awards


A national creative writing Competition was held to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The competition was judged by James Mates of ITN and children’s author Michael Morpurgo. Both felt that the entries from Largymore Primary were of an exceptional standard.


It was very pleasing for the school to learn that their pupils, Julie Mills,  had received equal first and Matthew Cooper, runner up in the UK wide competition.


James Mate’s commented on Julie’s poem, “It had a great rhythm to it. I particularly liked the final six lines which conveyed to me the lasting mental as well as physical, legacies of Chernobyl. The low-key tribute to the courage of her fireman father I found very touching.”


The principal, Mr. Harry Stewart, welcomed the result and commented that maybe the school’s  close association with schools in Belarus for the last 10 years allowed the children a greater awareness and understanding of the horrific disaster.


Mr. Les Stratton, Coordinator of UK Associated School’s Project Network for UNESCO, of which Largymore Primary is a founder member, congratulated the children and added that this was the type of empathy and global understanding that we wish to promote and encourage in the ASP Network.


Mr. Stratton will shortly visit the province to have discussions on furthering UNESCO’s ASP Network ethos.


Extract from Julie’s poem :-


“I did not know where dad was – he might have been away !

He was just a lowly fireman who had to earn his pay.

Later I discovered he had been very brave.

He gave his life for others and many did he save.


We left for the city and there we now remain.

Long distance from our home and nights of thought and pain.


Years have now passed since that horrendous day.

An accident maybe ……… but now everyone pays.”


Carrier Pigeons Report 2005-2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006


The group is made up of 45 youth members, including the 15 new ones. The fifteen joined around the months of May and June 2006. Of the 45, 15 are pursuing their studies. This means we only get the services of these members during holidays. The 3 members who have always been around have put up good performances, in the midst of unbearable problems.


In August 2005, one of our members, Madam Gertrude Nakagolo left as she was transferred to Masindi District by her employer.





General monthly meetings convened at our center point as indicated on the work plan are held. This creates chances to analyze the achievements and failures hence attaining solutions, new skills and techniques. Twelve (12) general meetings have been conducted in the last 12 months.



A culture to organize seminars is still well organized. ON 15th December 2005, we organized a seminar conducted by Mr. Kasozi Peter at Gayaza community. The theme was “Declaring War on Child Abuse”. The seminar attracted 55 people from all walks of life in the community.


We also organized a seminar on the Candle Light Memorial to remember the people lost to the killer AIDS. Mr. Katumba Samuel, a member of the Post Test club of Mulago talked about Health Management and Post-Testing. He directed his help to those who had tested either negative or positive. This seminar was held at Kawempe LC 1 government hospital.


Out Reaches


Kabubbu Community hosted us for a show on the 10th of August 2005 and we presented a play on the proper use of mosquito nets and good sanitation. This presentation was done to the entire community and the students and members of the Staff of the primary school.


We celebrated the AIDS of 2005 (1st December) with the District at Wakiso district grounds. There we performed a song about Stigma and Discrimination, and recited a poem – Killer Disease. The District authorities estimated the gathering at 400.


We had a show at Nangabo Sub-County on 4th Jan 2006 with the theme “Fight Stigma and Discrimination”.


Bulamu community was privileged to host us on the 24th of Feb 2006 for a show about good parenting and the advantages of writing a will. Writing wills helps reduce family disagreements over the sharing of property of the deceased. Where a clear will was not left by the deceased, family members normally struggle over the property leaving the widow and the orphans at a loss. The gathering was around 180.


Kasangati community was also given a show the 30th Feb 2006. This was about the A, B, C letters for Abstain, Being Faithful to one’s partner and using Condoms. They’re simple letters and help carry the message well and clearly.


We visited Savannah High School and presented a show to its 683 students, and the staff. The show was on Declaring war on Child Abuse.


We took part in the celebration of the Day of the African Child at the National Theatre on the 19th of April 2006. The theme was “Every Child Needs a Teacher”. Over 500 people attended.


We visited Kabubbu Community on the 13th of May 2006. We presented to the community and the students and staff of schools there a show on HIV infection, abortion, excessive bearing of children and their related consequences. The gathering was well above 500 hundred people all-together.


Gayaza community celebrated its day of the African Child on the 29th May 2006. We hosted people at our training grounds. We had a match through area with a brass band and we’d different performances from other groups and individuals we invited. 266 people turned up for the function, including local area leaders and representatives from the local court, police and security personnel. They gave speeches about child abuse, and the community should do to protect the children.


We visited Kisenyi Community, Rubaga Division, Kampala district and presented a show on the theme “AIDS KILLS, KEEP THE PROMISE”. Around 480 people turned up in the community grounds to see the MDD performances we presented along with other groups from that very community.


On the 8the of July 2006, we presented a show at Green Light Academy, Manyangwa, Kabubbu Parish. The presentation was on Good Sanitation and Hygiene.  The schools population of 187 children and staff attended.


Manyangwa as a community hosted us on the 13th of August 2006. The show was on good parenting and proper sanitation.


We hosted a Red Cross Team at Gayaza after we’d mobilized people to test for HIV. 100 (35 youths 65 adults) people tested for HIV and 40 of these donated blood.


In August 2006, A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace donated to us a new scenery painting.



  • The group meetings have kept members together. This has enhanced better performances at shows.
  • We’ve been able to hold a number  of performances to various communities. This has helped to bring about change in people’s lives, particularly attitudes towards the different issues that we touch on.
  • We’ve influenced many people to test for HIV and helped form post-test clubs.
  • Our number has been increased to 45


  • The group activities are often affected by members who have to go far places to study. This at times gets into our treasury to fund the transport of such members from their schools.
  • Acquiring a video camera so we can at least send videos to those places where we turn down invitations for one reason or another.
  • Acquisition of a public address system for engagements where the gathering is so big.  
  • Inadequate funds for transport to our engagements.


Future Plans


-         We plan to continue with our shows with different communities or schools

-         We plan to visit communities beyond Kampala and beyond those surrounding our area.

-         We also intend to shoot videos for our different plays




Our sincere thanks are extended to:


1)      Individual members

2)      Gayaza Community

3)      Kabubbu Community

4)      CCF Gayaza Project

5)      A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

6)      All well-wishers.


Prepared by

Namiiro Bridget







Supplies Sent.
Educational posters and resource materials sent to Romania, Hungary, Philippines and India also baby blankets and baby clothes to Hungary.