Manyangwa, Uganda

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Report From Manyangwa
  1. Tree planting
  2. Animal husbandry
  3. Lend a helping hand project(A friendly gesture)
Tree planting
The teachers and pupils have recently embarked on a massive tree planting exercise in the school preserved property for trees, and in the immediate community. The trees planted are mainly fruit trees. The seeds are developed in nursery beds at the school. Students are also encouraged to carry on the exercise at there homes.
Animal husbandry project
The pupils have also come together and pooled bits of their pocket money to start up a piggery project. Their agriculture teachers initiated the idea with the aim of using is for study purposes and a way of encouraging and educating them on small projects that they can do for an income.
The children learn basic skills of looking after animals and develop a love for them. Carrying this project out is hoped to encourage children to think about animal husbandry as a vacation where they can earn money for a living.
The present animal stock is composed of 10 pigs, three of which are under gestation. When the gestating pigs deliver, we hope to start an outreach project where the children can in groups, or individually take a pig home and start rearing it using the skills acquired from the school farm project.
Pupil to Pupil Aid Initiative
In this initiative, children believe “Nobody is too poor to have something to give, or too rich to need anything”. With this in mind, members believe that tragedy or fate has no timetable, it can happen to anybody. So here, children continue to contribute whatever they can in cash or kind with the aim of helping fellow pupils in need. They contribute anything from pens and pencils to school uniform. This makes all feel love irrespective of their fate. Since its start four years ago, the initiative has benefited over 60 pupils.
Ssennoga Paul