From Seguya Uganda

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I fail to understand
When I’m asked to be patriotic because my government wants to steal and kill,
I fail to understand.
When everyone grabs everything they can, to control others,
I fail to understand.
When a man tries to convince me that the other is bad because he condemns his wrongs,
I fail to understand.
When governments steal so much from us through taxes,
Because they want to finance their murderous missions,
I fail to understand.
When we infest the minds of little ones with hatred towards others,
And love for war,
I fail to understand.
And I ask, do we really love ourselves,
When we can commit to the death of others?
It is all a life of confusion…
To live,
When I kill and furnish the means by which others are killed

Beautiful times and best wishes,