Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,

We are glad that NiPRO in cooperation with Iven technologies Limited recorded another success with the  Accelerated networking series tagged: Building Professional Relationships. The event brought together top level executives, graduate students and up coming professionals from Ogun State, Oyo State, Imo State and Lagos State.  The event kicked off with welcome addresses from the General Manager of NiPRO (Nigeria) and the head of marketing (Princess Akunna Chukwu) of Iven Techologies Limited. After which the national anthem was sung.

Miss Chika Chukwudebere of Elim Mission Foundation (Ota) led the ice breaker to energise the participants. It sent some of the participants to the days they had their Schools' inter-house sports. This was followed by a one-on-one engagement as each participant had a partner to network with. The purpose was to help the participants maintain good eye contact and exude confidence through their hand shakes which are necessary networking skills in the business world.

Furthermore, Mr. Victor Gotevbe, facilitated the first session on "Networking your way to the Top". The session was very interactive as some very challenging questions were posed : Such as Who are you? Have you planned your death? Why the top? These questions were relevant to help all present network their way to the top. He concluded with the slide on ten (10) commandments of networking. For ' it takes common sense to walk, principles to run but instructions to fly'... Why scratch with the chicken when you can soar like the eagle'. Thereafter, there was refreshment courtesy of NiPRO and Iven Technologies.

The second session on Mentoring Young entrepreneurs was facilitated by Mr. Oscar Albert, Director/ Mentor Iven Technologies Limited.
This was characterised with some humour and some wisdom nuggets such as the three Ds (Discovery, Development and Duplication) that mentors teach their mentees; why entrepreneurs need mentors and what to learn from them. He ended his presentation on how Iven technologies ( student entrepreneurs company)started with the Unilag faces which brought together about forty (40) young students from University of Lagos who attended over two hundred (200) seminars. They had a deal with the US consulate and did some information marketing for them at the CTO organised by the Commercial department of the Consulate. There! Jim Ovia, MD of Zenith bank saw their presentation and threw a challenge to them to develop a product or a service that they can sponsor. By the next CTO, Iven technologies had a product ' Easy Law', a soft ware containing federal laws of the country and other reports. Today, Zenith bank is a partner of the company. And it is projected to make not less than four hundred million (400,000,000) naira per annum. The interesting thing about it is that it started with Networking and these young people have mentors like him.

The event ended with an information session where attendees shared their fears, ideas, recommendations and leads. Amongst whom was Barrister CJ Dibor, a top level executive who shared some pieces of advise and a prayer.

We say thank you again to Iven technologies Limited and all those who made the event a success.