Nepal - our princesses preparing their favourite "fast food" Nepalese dumplings

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,
 It takes common sense to walk, Principles to run and instructions to fly.
Twenty three (23) young Nigerian Professionals from Lagos, Kano and Abuja gathered on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at The Presidency,  Merit House, Abuja for NiPRO's financial workshop tagged: Financial Intelligence- A vehicle for meaningful livelihood.
The event kicked off at 12.15pm with a welcome address by Mr. Victor Gotevbe, General Manager of NiPRO after which participants and speakers entered their contact information at the register at registration desk manned by Mr. Taiwo Adewole and Mr. Oluyinka Adeoti. The workshop commenced proper with the National Anthem. Thereafter, facilitators and Participants introduced themselves.
All present shared the reason they chose to attend the workshop. This session was very interactive as participants were also given two pieces of sweet (Tom Tom) each for the ice breaker so as to allow for easy and active participation. The rule of the ice breaker did not permit participants to either say  'Yes' or 'No', otherwise, they lose their sweets. This briefing was to allow for the first talk which was on Business Ethics delivered by Mr. Gbenga Aroyehun, who represented Mr. Chido Onumah,   Coordinator of Fix Nigeria Initiative (FNI) of EFCC. Very thought provoking session as participants had lots of questions and comments. After the first talk, the ice breaker commenced; Mr. Olu Joseph (Speaker) and Victor Gotevbe emerged as the best networkers of the workshop following their tie as they had the highest  number of  sweets (six each).
Mrs. Ekaette Umoh , bringing her wealth of experience, gave her speech on Starting from where you are on the road to financial Independence. She employed some stories and very practical cases on gaining financial intelligence for independence. This led to the session on question and answers facilitated by both Mr. Aroyehun and Mrs. Umoh.
The third talk saw Otunba Adeshola Afariogun with a presentation on Legitimate Internet businesses ranging from Forex trading, Multi level marketing and other stocks. He shared his story on how he has been able to gain financial independence from his journey of being employed with several organisations and how he currently manages several businesses and his plan to retire at age forty(40). Quite challenging right?
The fourth talk was delivered by Mr. Gotevbe on building effective professional relationships. He gave tips on relating in the business world from hand shakes to eye contacts and even on how to use business cards, elevators pitch and some networking commandments to get one to the top. 
The Fifth and last talk on e-Merging e-Marketing Solutions For Brand Promotion In Competitive Business Environment –  Endless possibilities through the Internet by Mr. Olu Joseph left both participants and speakers with something that provoked them to work towards getting financial independence via some electronic tools. He ended his session with some free handouts to all present.
 The workshop had each participant picking from a bag, an 'unfamiliar' business cum personal networking card to follow up with the owner  as a mentee or a mentor. The workshop came to a close at about 6.30pm with the National Pledge.
 Our appreciation goes to Mr. 'Femi Johnson for his financial and moral support, FNI (for the handbooks on Anti –corruption advocacy, stickers and handbills), all our speakers and all NiPRO members who made the workshop a success.
Victor Gotevbe
General Manager
Nigerian Professionals International network

Endangered Species Andy Mydellton - United Kingdom

Sunday, October 28, 2007


As the Foundation for Endangered Species are interested in maintaining biodiversity and saving animals from extinction, my recent visit to Lundy Island seemed indicative. Because it is only here that the rare Lundy Cabbage grows. It not only endemic to this small island, but it specifically lives only on two steep cliffs of the island, the south and east coasts. Unfortunately, this is also exactly where the invasive Rhododendron is now out of control and will outgrow and kill this beautiful flower.
          So why is there all of this fuss? Briefly, if the Lundy Island Cabbage dies, its extinction will be a tragedy. This is because this is an issue that we humans CAN do something about.  So we Conservationists are now ‘Rhodi-bashing’ and destroying the threat that it poses to indigenous wildlife.
          As certain plants and small animals depend on one another for their existence, it follows that if a plant dies, then do does a species of animal. This is the case of the Lundy Cabbage as the Lundy Cabbage Beetle and Lundy Cabbage Weevil only live on this unique plant and none other.
          Therefore the Foundation for Endangered Species undertakes the policy of helping to save ALL species from extinction by protecting and promoting the whole of the natural and physical environment. I am sure that this example of the Lundy Cabbage can be retold in slightly different ways in many different habitats all over the world. Perhaps there are still some unknown examples that exist ranging throughout Europe from Lundy to Belarus and from Norway to Malta.
          Let me know if anyone finds any of more of these examples. It is the interests of all Conservationists to flag up these problems for people like me to act, whenever possible.

                                                AndyMydellton .

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aspects of Kabbubu and graduates from Cambridge College.

The Building Progresses Hungary

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Melanie returns and begins preparations for her next trip.




Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,
CLCWA, TakingitGlobal in Partnership with Paradigm Initiative of Nigeria (PIN) held a three day (October 12-14,2007) Building Sustainable growth and development in our communities youth conference with the theme:  Youth access and participation, at the assembly hall of West African People's Institute (WAPI), Calabar, Cross River State. The conference had NiPRO's General manager for two days as its facilitator and compere... 
The value adding conference attracted over sixty (60) youths across the country. Amongst the guests were Chief Chris Momnang, director of youth ministry, Cross River State who represented Hon. Edet Okon Asim , Commissioner for youth development; Dr. (Mrs) Sylvia Atsu, Commissioner for Information, Cross River State; Dr. Ani Etokidem, Department of Community Medicine, University of Calabar; Mr. Tope Akinwumi of Aptech; and staff of LNG.
Summarily, it was educative, interactive and empowering. These are some of the pictures from Day one... We will send some more.

Victor Gotevbe
General Manager
Nigerian Professionals International network

Paris, France Classics Competition

 A Ray of Hope Prize



Le vendredi 28 septembre 2007 a eu lieu au Collège Stanislas la remise du prix décerné par A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace.

Cette deuxième cérémonie dans le cadre de l'édition 2007 du Concours Européen Cicero récompensait l'ensemble des candidats primés inscrits par le Collège Stanislas : Alexis OLLIVIER, double 1er prix pour les deux épreuves de culture et de langue (toutes catégories confondues), Marion MALACAN, 3ème prix pour l'épreuve de langue (2nd cycle) et Julie LANCKRIET, 4ème prix pour l'épreuve de culture (cf articles antérieurs).

Y assistaient, invités par Monsieur le Directeur Daniel CHAPELLIER : Monsieur l'Inspecteur général de lettres Patrice SOLER, Monsieur le Vice-chancelier des Universités de Paris Pierre GREGORY, Monsieur l'Inspecteur d'académie - IPR de lettres Roger FROMONT et Monsieur Antoine de NEUVILLE, Directeur d'ARISTA.

Après les discours d'usage prononcés, à l'invitation de Monsieur le Directeur Daniel CHAPELLIER, par le Directeur du Concours Européen Cicero, Patrick VOISIN, et par Messieurs Patrice SOLER et Roger FROMONT au titre de l'Inspection des lettres ...



Daniel CHAPELLIER et Patrice SOLER

Patrice SOLER, Patrick VOISIN et Roger FROMONT

... Patrick VOISIN a remis le prix à Monsieur le Directeur du Collège Stanislas pour récompenser le travail de qualité fourni par l'ensemble des professeurs de lettres et leurs élèves primés.

Daniel CHAPELLIER recevant le prix UNESCO des mains de Patrick VOISIN


En l'absence de Mrs Hilary IZON, Membre de la Délégation permanente du Royaume-Uni auprès de l'UNESCO, qui devait remettre le prix au nom de A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace, Patrick VOISIN a expliqué ce que représentait le tableau, son origine et le symbole qu'il constituait.


Prix décerné par A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

Aquarelle d'Irina RODOVNIA, Belarus, "My dom"


From Seguya Pius - Uganda

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We can halt injustice in society by the fundamental practice of being just to ourselves, and practicing justice starting within our own homes. It would not be in the best interest of society to expect people to love, to understand others, to give peace in society when we deny them love, understanding and peace when they are children. We must love them if they will learn to love, we must listen to them if they will learn to listen to others, we must be peaceful with them if they will learn the principles of peace. Love, peace, understanding and respect for others, and all other similar virtues can never come to a nation or the world until they come to the nation’s homes. A further look at how nations assume positions can better throw light to this; poor nations are poor because they have poverty in their homes, and the rich nations are so because they have riches in their homes. It so happens that sick cells will make a sick body. At the end of the tunnel, men are more likely to preserve the means by which they arrived, or by which they are, than to adopt new ones. The best societies are tailored within homes.
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Uganda - Aspects of Kabbubu Community October, 2007.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The 5000 Shillings Speech (2)

How did we get Started?
A Ray of Hope is a happy partner with the youth, the world over. We have an acquaintance of about 2 couples of years with this College. When I first met the headmaster in his office years ago, I read a mind that we would partner with for the benefit of the school, and particularly the youth. My reading was irrefutably very correct. I have worked with the school since then on UNESCO and Kabubbu library projects, which have seen a great number of benefits accruing from the acquaintance:
- The school’s sports and games have been greatly supported by the UNESCO Youth Ambassador
- Today, the school boasts of a website that can be accessed in every part of the world, and in space, a privilege scarcely enjoyed by rural institutions. And the school is at liberty to periodically keep updating this website. For purposes of helping those not yet aware, the address for this website is
- The youth ambassador has provided medals and trophies for students’ activities in the school.
-  The school has been selected as one of those lucky few to partake in the global school twining projects organized through the unesco umbrella.
- The school has developed relationships with a number of projects, notable of them all; Kabubbu Community Library and Kabubbu Health Center
- Around the year 2005, a leadership training was conducted for the student leaders. And I hereby undertake to conduct more such trainings whenever needed
- It is for that acquaintance that students of the college have started to receive training in basic computer skills.
- Certificates have been provided for, and will continue to be provided for all students who will excel in acquiring these skills.
- The school remains open to all possible unesco support.
The whole idea of providing computer training started when I saw some unoccupied computers in the headmaster’s office when I had paid a courtesy call on him way back in 2006. I told him they were a very good resource for students especially those who intend to live in the world, today and tomorrow, with a mark of success. We drew a plan of how to follow through, and today, here we are, with the first fruits of cooperation from everyone of you. I say first fruits because we are set for more, better and greater harvests in the times that lie ahead.
I want to gladly inform you all that I will be able to take on a new group as soon as I am given the names of the students to commence with.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I bring to your attention the haunting fact that the school is still in a very needful state of computers. We barely have enough for our students or teachers, and the ratio of computers/students is 1:3 in a group of 17.
Our students are unable to practice their acquired skills for lack of enough computers.
This should suggest to us that we need more computers and accessories to at least reduce the computer/student ratio to 1:2 in about a period of two years. More computers would imply better skills development and better skills practice.
We must get ourselves working 24/7 to realize this goal. Every one of us has something to do here. There is nothing as bad as going through a failing institution. When we meet new people, we are always asked where we come from, it would be such a sad thing to say, Cambridge College when we left the institution to fail. This applies to the Headmaster the same way it does to a teacher or the least popular student in the college.
When we are asked, “where did you learn your basic computer skills?” It would be such a big shame for one to say, “at Cambridge College ”, when computer training at the school ceased many years ago.
Call your friends and relatives, talk to them, write to them and tell them about our need. Ask them to contribute in whichever possible way towards the progress of this computer project. They can make donations ranging from financial help to computers and computer accessories.
You as individuals or groups can make financial contributions for the sustainability of this project. Your donation can enable you be part of the next class or your brother or sister or friend to be part of it. And your name will forever remain in the College’s records as one of those who committed themselves to its success. I am sure many of you, 20/30 years down the road would rather have your children go through Gayaza Cambridge College .  
Nothing fills the heart as looking back at one’s path through life and one is proud of the places they went through and the things they did, and the people they met.
Mr. Zziwa, Miss Mariah, Miss Kambejja, Mr. Lugemwa, Mr. Lwanga, I mean to say all the teachers, would make such a marvelous step by committing a minimum of 5% of their salaries for a minimum of three months to help raise funds that would enable us get more computers. 5% would imply that you donate 500 shillings for every 10,000/= of your salary; which would mean 5000/= for every 100,000/=
I am opening up an account to help raise funds for this project. I am appointing myself to Head of Treasury, hoping no one objects
I am accepting deposits in cash and check from this very moment….. I invite you to start passing on cash right now….and to consider writing checks, and making more cash deposits later.
When these funds are sufficient enough, I am to open up an account with a commercial bank and deposit them there. To do this, I will need two signatories from the school, one of whom must be a student, and the other a member of staff.
Depending on how well our treasury shall have functioned, I will ask for permission from all concerned, students and staff to deposit these amounts with the Central Depositary System. The object is to accumulate this amount to a point where we can start to buy at least one PC every half year.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the future is all ours, we are here determining how tomorrow shall look like by the actions of now, now, and now has always been the best time for action.
Our efforts of today can never give us more fruits in the short-run than in the long-run. We sow now, sometimes it gets so exasperating and burdensome, but we ought to keep sowing, we oughtto give care to the seed and the crop. Anything cheaply acquired is cheaply esteemed. Let us throw our hands and minds behind the computer project…it is and will always be a worthy cause.
Some of you have already, or intend to, or in a short time from now will find yourselves deciding to embark on a carrier with computers. Now is a very good opportune time to keep going and to commit yourselves more to the object.
I want to draw attention to all of you who have received the training and receiving certificates today, to the fact that what one owns, knows or has is never important beyond what he uses it for. You might have a life, that life will never be more important than what you use that life for; you might have basic skills in computer, these skills are no more important than what you use them for, nor are the certificates you are to be honored with today.
Keep up hope, keep moving, read more, learn more, change your surrounding.   
Allow me to pass on to you the message from The Director, A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace, and I quote
“To my friends at Cambridge and in particular the graduating students of 2007.
Could I proffer to you both my best wishes and congratulations on behalf of myself and A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace.
To hope is good, to strive is better, to achieve is excellent but the epitome is always to do what is best and to do one's best. This of course applies to the individual and the individual's contribution to the milieu in which they live.
When one is starting in life the world appears to pose more questions than solutions. Living and experience will provide many of the answers, however, not all. It will be your enthusiasm, endeavour and initiative that will allow you to help our global family with your own thoughts, aspirations and action.
Let me use this opportunity to wish you all much health, happiness and success in which ever path or direction you take.
Again my sincere best wishes.
Don McBurney
A Ray of Hope
UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

Uganda - text from speech from Seguya Pius following a successful computer course at Cambridge Colle

The 5000 Shillings Speech (part 1)

A very Good afternoon to you all. It is with pleasure that I am here today.
I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to the Principal for accepting to take on the role of being chief-guest. Sir, you have been asked to do this at the last hour, I am so grateful that you showed no hesitation in doing it. Thank you very much 
Today is a day for the commencement of a fundamental turn in the lives of many individuals seated amongst you, and a milestone day that will go down in the history books of Gayaza Cambridge College of St. Mbaaga.
I would like to thank the headmaster and all the teachers so much for their support; Mr. Lwanga, Mr. Lugemwa and Mr. Zziwa, you have been extremely encouraging. I can hardly say it was easy; when we would expect to have at least all the computers fully functioning, I could discover one or two had faulty mice or keyboards. But your encouragement, direct and indirect, kept us all going
Mr. Arinaitwe, Mr. Kawooya, Mr. Ssewannyana, Madam Kambejja, Madam Rose, Madam Nanziri, Mr. Ssentongo, Mr. Mugwanya, Mr. Ssembatya, Mr. Kasenge, Madam Nakamanya, Madam Nakkazi, Mr. Ssaka, Mr. Kwijuka, Madam Nakkazi, Madam Nakayiza, Madam Nakitto, Mr. Kasenge, Mr. Ssentongo, and Mr. Ndugga ….you were always there for whatever issue I had to raise; thus enabling smooth trainings.
I also wish to extend my thanks to the entire students’ community for the reception you gave me.  I met so many smiling faces, which gave me hope that every one of you, ladies and gentlemen, is headed somewhere, and that the entire school community has a dazzling destination. You gave me a challenge every time I walked around the school compound, thus
These questions, pondered upon, can help teachers with the best way to handle students without derailing their respect, while showing such great respect for their learners. It is such mutual respect, and the understanding of students’ personal needs and challenges that can give us the best performance in our schools in the entire country.
I particularly wish to convey my sincere appreciation to the students receiving their certificates today. You have been enormously disciplined and committed to learning. I have no report of mediocre achievement or indiscipline on individuals or the entire group to the headmaster or to anyone else here seated, but one of tremendous success.
When the headmaster told me he had selected the best cream from the school for the start of the trainings, he didn’t lie. He and all the others on his selection team, which included Mr. Lugemwa, have been proved right by today’s results.
These students have always been so ardent on learning that in one of our sessions, I read many confused faces; anyone could read that they were not taking in anything. After the lesson, I took one of their leaders, Rhona, and asked her what had happened to the class. She said, and I quote “Sir, there was nothing wrong, it was with you, you seemed to have had a small problem disturbing you”, end of quote. I kept quiet for a few moments to reflect, I found that Rhona was right. Their tutor had a problem, he had carried all the stress of the hours he had since morning into class.
And in my utter belief, such happens to all teachers at one time or another. It also happens to every one of us in the different relationship we have, and in different areas where we might happen to be. No wonder we are so quick in finding fault with others before we have found our own.
The notion that problem teachers create problem students requires much more than our thought. Many are times when our learners find difficulties in learning as a result of their teacher’s fault.

Nigeria - "Buster" Ray - 4 months old yesterday.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,
We have started receiving applications for the NiPRO Financial workshop scheduled for Saturday, October 27, 2007 at the Presidency, Merit House, Abuja.
Are you a student? A Youth corp member? Then you can attend our life changing workshop for free? Are you a young Nigerian Professional, then with the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000), you will be admitted into the workshop. Kindly see the flier for details of registeration.
Please be informed that Mr. Oludaisai Kelejaiye will be one of the guest speakers for this event.  
Topic: e-Merging e-Marketing Solutions For Brand Promotion In Competitive Business Environment –   Endless possibilities through the Internet.
His profile is also attached. 
Oludaisi Kalejaiye Joseph (fondly called Olu Joseph) is an astute IT practitioner with over 14years cognate experience ranging from IT capacity building, Consultancy and deployment of core IT Solutions to both government and private establishments. He attended the University of Port Harcourt and University of Ilorin for his B.Sc and MBA (Marketing Management) degrees respectively. He is the MD/CEO of Sephix Limited the Founder and President of AIC 
Olu Joseph is presently the National Publicity Secretary of Nigeria's leading IT organization - The Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN) He is also the first National Vice President of the newly registered Internet Marketers Association of Nigeria (IMAN) as well as a member of the Internet Society (ISOC) and the International Webmaster Association (USA) He has a television program in Abuja called "e-living with Olu Joseph" where he exposes internet opportunities and resources to Nigerians. He continues to provide quality information on online opportunities to his followers in and outside Nigeria. Above all, Olu is also an ordained pastor with proven vision and call to motivate and inspire men and women to attain their full potentials with godly principles and strategies. Needless to say that he is a man of many parts and his wealth of diverse experience is of great value that should be properly harnessed.
Highlights of discussion:
  1. What is your Brand
  2. Positioning your Brand In A Market
  3. Defending and Sustaining Your Brand
  4. Succeeding among competing Brands
  5. 5 e-Marketing Solutions for your Brand
  1. SMS marketing
  2. email marketing
  3. PPC
  4. Affiliate Marketing – Referrals
  5. Blogging
We are admitting only fifty (50) people for this event.

Victor Gotevbe
General Manager
Nigerian Professionals International network

Uganda - students from the neighbouring schools to Kabbubu in the library.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Tanzania - Newletter from our Friends 1



From Nigeria

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,
Today, as Nigeria celebrates her political independence from Great Britain, it calls for a sober reflection on where the country is going to. Why and what are we celebrating? We also desire economic independence... Young Nigerian professionals, let us always remind ourselves that the destiny of this country is in our hands, together we can build a superbrand out of this great country. Leadership begins from our circle of influence. At 47, we must always remember that people worked for us to be where we are today. If others could get us political independence, we owe ourselves and posterity a duty to gain economic independence for our country.
Please let us collectively think of what we can do to make this country a good one before it even gets better.
Happy Independence to all young Nigerian professionals who are interested in the reality of a New Nigeria.