From Seguya Pius - Uganda

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We can halt injustice in society by the fundamental practice of being just to ourselves, and practicing justice starting within our own homes. It would not be in the best interest of society to expect people to love, to understand others, to give peace in society when we deny them love, understanding and peace when they are children. We must love them if they will learn to love, we must listen to them if they will learn to listen to others, we must be peaceful with them if they will learn the principles of peace. Love, peace, understanding and respect for others, and all other similar virtues can never come to a nation or the world until they come to the nation’s homes. A further look at how nations assume positions can better throw light to this; poor nations are poor because they have poverty in their homes, and the rich nations are so because they have riches in their homes. It so happens that sick cells will make a sick body. At the end of the tunnel, men are more likely to preserve the means by which they arrived, or by which they are, than to adopt new ones. The best societies are tailored within homes.
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