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Sunday, February 10, 2008


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Posted by:   charles_aboge

Thu Feb 7, 2008 2:56 am (PST)

TENS of thousands of families in kenya including kisumu have been
forced to vacate their homes in a hurry due to ongoing political
violence and genocide after stolen Presidential election results
Kofi Anam and his tem are genuine for peace and justice talks but
the Government is not.
Some of the victims have been extra judicial killed by police and
military teams as they escape from public functions .No press
freedom among others.
Many families have no food, clothes,water and others . We are
grateful to Janet Fiedman who have done her best for the School run
on charity since 1996. We pray for her including Don and others for
their peace and other support.
What can bring peace is only fresh Presidential elections or
military solutions from UN and other external links to restore
truth.stability . justice , and other humanitarian needs now in
danger for almost every kenyan.
The inflation rate is up and shortages .Children are in danger of
being hit by live bullets used by security forces on civilians at
random .Janet and Don are great.
Kenya is not the same as before .Looting and burning og homes and
houses . Kenyans are against kikuyus,kambas and kisiis who voted for
stolen Presidential elections against other kenyans . Cases of
genocide and war crimes are increasing including civil dis
obedience. Our Project is in danger of closing . We are broke.
We need your support including prayers as we foght for peace and
love .
Charles Aboge
Founder and Director
Kisumu Children Centre and School, Kisumu Children CEntre Youth
Group and USA/Kenya Pen Pal Club
+254-020222563 or 0735-195-156.