Romania from Laura

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Don ,
Well about my project ,i m telling u that ius about 80 children from a romanian hospital,"Hociota" Hospital , somewhere at the edge of Bucharest .That is a very special hospital where children were forgotten by their parents so they are living there like in an orphanage .We have 11 children between 2-3 years old,9 children of 4 years old,24 children of 5 years old,23 children of 6 years old,11 children of 7 years old and 2 children of 8 years old children .Some of these are ill ,menthally or phisically but some are not .The ones with parents still thinking about them time to time are going to kinder garten or to school and we know that except food,clothes and constant care they also need toys,books ,colouring books,pencils,colours ,paints for painting ,notebooks,and tracksuits and we are trying to get what they need .

We had another project with them for 1 of June when is the International Day of Children and by donations of toys,clothes,sweets we could bring them joy .

So this is what we want to do now .

Thank you for all and kisses!

Your friend,Laura