Congratulations to David Wardrop -Chairman- and the Executive Committee

Sunday, December 04, 2005

One hour ahead of schedule, the UNA Westminster website has gone live at
UNA Westminster Branch London

Within a fortnight, we will augment this with photos of the St Paul's
Cathedral service and crypt reception.

Kind regards,
David Wardrop, Branch Chairman and the Executive Committee, Rudi Albesa,
Nilesh Parekh, Paul Mrazek, William Say, Katherine Hughes, Bianca
Madison-Vuleta, Michael Rossi, Prince Buer Aryee, Catherine Pluygers, Niki
Furneaux, Patricia Rogers, Carol Brooksbank with co-options, Dave Crookenden
and Peter Greaves, to be formally confirmed on 20 December. 

All the above
were elected at last night's Annual General Meeting

    "Cultural Diversity is Enrichment"