Network of Peace Initiatives Uganda.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Network of Peace Initiatives Uganda.  

Dear Don, You should be wondering why I have been somewhat silent. I cant explain sufficiently the business. As we approach the close of the year, am finding it too demanding to meet all these deadlines.

I, however, thought it good to break the lull.   I will send the updates on achievements as advised by you for the web as soon as immediately.   The Peacemania, was out successfully and we have circulated it in various participating schools. The response is indeed overwhelming. Our biggest challenge has been the resources but the future now looks promising.

We thought it better to host it differently and link it to the NPI site. I have talked to various individuals in that field and  I was wondering if you could be in the know of some volunteer to do the designing such that we can do the hosting. It is the designing we have found demanding since there are few web designers here. I have already discussed with various service providers and the rates of up to 2 GB space are not that overwhelming.

I thought I could have sent you the electronic version of the newsletter but my information technician has been away and he had not yet converted it to PDF for easy file attachment.   I will keep you updated and thanks for all the efforts to build peace in this world.