Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great professional,
   From my own view, on goin destiny training is an act to make it in life and still remain your peace of mind. lt was marvelous last week Saturday 23rd.
   My homage to hon.Bosun Olawore Samuel who taught us about Capital Acquisition and Financial lnstitution. While,Emilla Asim,first female facilitator with high sense of humour and lntelligence emphazised thoughts about marketing and branding.  The discussion lasted for good 3 1/2hours.
   Philosophy says: they're two people that can never be forgotten in a nation. The man who turns a nation to a forest through Unproductive life style and the man who turn a forest to a nation by been Productive.  lt means that the organizers and the facilitators have deposited millions into our Emotional Bank Account. They're Productive.

Sierra Leone

Some recently purchased animals:


Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,
We are happy to inform you that the Developing Entrepreneurial skills that Impact Nigerian Youths (Destiny) held last weekend inspite of the strike action and it was another educative and inspiring moment. We had Mr. Bosun Olawore who spoke on Capital Acquisation and Financial Institutions. Also, Emilia Asim did justice to Sales and Marketing (Reach versus Niche)  and Branding. Sure! both sessions left the participants with no choice but to stay back. The whole training lasted for six (6) hours because participants wanted some more. Thank you Emilia and Bosun.
Hopefully, we shall have in Week 4, Mr. Umana Ekerete and Ella Offiong who will facilitate sessions on : Financial Management and Effective Communication/ Business Presentation respectively. We are also bringing Prince Gbolahan again to share his story on how he started his accounting cum audit firm. Interestingly, we got confirmation from Mr. Lari Williams who will also share his story as a veteran actor in Nigeria.
We thank you all the participants and the facilitators for making it a reality so far.
Life just got better.

Buster Ray of Hope Oghenerukevwe Osariemen Gotevbe

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We had Buster's christening today. I will send you pictures later. His name is Raymond Oghenerukevwe Osariemen Gotevbe.
The other two names (Oghenerukevwe Osariemen) mean the same thing (God did it for me). They are both Urhobo and Esan names in Nigeria.
Your grandson was looking cute. The mother asked why you didn't call her to bless your grandson. hahahaha

Seguya Uganda

Please see attached photograph taken at a seminar with the farmers on pig rearing, and the amended contract.

Another two piglets have been passed on to the farmers.

I passed the two T.shirts from Cambridge College to Christine and asked her to deliver them to you.

Vickie, the librarians will make followups with the piglet farmers. The farmers will be particularly assisted by Annet. She is currently the one charged with identifying able farmers among the learners.  

Beautiful times and best wishes,

Ghana / Nigeria

Dear Don,


It's been a while and it's time to give reports of what is going here in Accra, Ghana.


I have been here for a week and much have been done.


First thing I did in here was to form a team of 8 members consisting of staffs of EXV concept Ghana. EXV concepts is an event manager, marketing firm and consultancy based in Ghana. The team is headed by Phyllis Andoh; she is the Administrative assistant of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment.


We have met to strategize on how we can solicit for funds for iTech. More of this will be communicated as time goes on.


For now, we have been moving round secondary schools informing the principals about iTech 2007. They are all excited and all want their students to participate. So we have our targeted audience ready.


Sir, I will like you to have a look of the proposal (attached) that we have been using to talk with prospective sponsors. So far, we've met with Mr. Spencer of the Ghana Tourist Board in respect to collaborate with iTech as the theme for this year's iTech is Promoting International Culture and Tourism (ICT) with Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


We were at Busy Internet, an ICT company, for space for an office in their company but were told that all the office spaces are filled up and we will be notified as soon as there is an opening. The office space will be given out for $680 per annum. This is a discounted fee exclusively for A Ray of Hope – UNESCO.


We were at the University of Legon, Ghana; to inspect the hall that will be allocated to house the children for 14days. We went through the bathrooms and checked if we will need mosquito nets, buckets for water and washing, etc.


I have been held handicapped in the aspect of printing the handbills and especially the brochure of this programme.


Sir, we need a brochure and I have made a temporary design (attached).


Also sir, I'll like to know how you intend to help with this project financially. I understand that A Ray of Hope might not be financially committed but can supply some things we need. I will like you to write on this.


I have started reviewing the cost given for the budget and I have started trimming down the costs. I will let you read through the real budget after it is completed.


I guess I have to round of here. Please do contact me if there is anything you will like me to do.


Have a nice time and mail you soon.


Yours truly,




Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,
We write to express our gratitude to all who made the second module of the Values in Positive Citizenship a success. Our special thanks goes to A Ray of Hope, Unesco Youth Ambassador for the culture of peace for making the training a reality and flying Yomi Oloko to Nigeria specifically for the training. Also, we thank  Lanre Akinsuin who helped out with logistics and  Mr. Yomi Oloko for the great knowledge shared with participants during the training at the International Press Centre, Ogba Lagos. 
The following young professionals were awarded trophies:
1. Kola Osinowo- Overall Best Participant
2. Florence Ogunsanya- Most active female participant
3. Daniel Chijindu - Most active male participant
Hopefully in October, we shall have the next training on Values in Positive Citizenship.

Victor Gotevbe
General Manager
Nigerian Professionals International network


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Congratulations to Victor and Franca on the birth of their first born. "Buster" weighed in at nearly 11lbs - both mum and baby well.

Philippines and India

Baby clothes, dance leotards, paint brushes, dance shoes, tracksuits and adult clothing dispatched


Dear Don,
Have just been prompted by Richard - many apologies for not having let you know the 2 packages from Ray of Hope reached the ALMA office. I am sorry about this -for although I don't work from the office in central London I did know they had arrived.
Tomorrow in fact they set off on the next part of their journey. One of the group going to Lichinga next week will be collecting them and organising their baggage accordingly - they're also taking a couple of clergy robes and footballs!
I don't know how long it will take for the packages to get from Lichinga to Nacala but will keep track of them and let you know when they have arrived - if Paul Chintinguiza doesn't beat me to it!
Thank you again Don for your generosity in this - I can only imagine what it will mean to a school operating with the bare minimum.
with many thanks and all good wishes

From Brazil

Congratulations, Victor and Franca.
I wish you happiness and a peaceful life and much love,  now that you have a child. I have two little boys and they are the most important people in my life. I am sure that your baby has already made you fall in love for him...completely.  Children are strong little people...and we learn to become better humans with them.
 Enjoy every second of your life even more now...
Best Wishes,

Mozambique and India

Many pencils, pens and notebooks dispatched.