Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great professional,
   From my own view, on goin destiny training is an act to make it in life and still remain your peace of mind. lt was marvelous last week Saturday 23rd.
   My homage to hon.Bosun Olawore Samuel who taught us about Capital Acquisition and Financial lnstitution. While,Emilla Asim,first female facilitator with high sense of humour and lntelligence emphazised thoughts about marketing and branding.  The discussion lasted for good 3 1/2hours.
   Philosophy says: they're two people that can never be forgotten in a nation. The man who turns a nation to a forest through Unproductive life style and the man who turn a forest to a nation by been Productive.  lt means that the organizers and the facilitators have deposited millions into our Emotional Bank Account. They're Productive.