Philippines Update

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Melanie
Sorry for taking so long to answer your e-mail even to Sis. Thelma. We experiencing Heavy rain here in the Philippines, Many family in water people goes to the church to evacuate, aside from that our computer is already broken sorry for everything, sometimes the computer shop here THE INTERNET CONNECTION are not available We already finish the school supplies and tuition fees giving for the back to school program this June 02, 2009 (this is for 1st Semester only of the school year 2009-2010. We have a problem for catmon church because the contract for the place in catmon church will expire this coming October 2009. Anyway I already receive the 500 pounds (not exactly because there is a charge for sending it as you said) Last Friday we go to St. Lukes Hospital together with Leonora ( we fetch Leonora in Sta. Maria Bulacan Because she lives with her daugther there, she don't to stay in Navotas for the house of her relatives are small and aside on that is the smell is not too good for her situation in this time we request Leonora to stay in the church whle we're doing the examination) and we already schedule the General Examination and check up for her, the Attending Doctors will tell how much is the Total cost Including her medicine and also the operation after the result of her examination. we send you all the specific breakdown or liquidation of all expenses. The schedule for her examination will be on the third week of this month About the rice business I stop for a while because of it's heavy rain it is hard to import and buy rice for the price is so much high because of continues heavy rain, aside from the poor people can't afford to buy some of them request me to owe the rice for they don't have food to eat, Jon and Thess