UK - "Melanie does Romany"

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hi Don
This is Romany World History Month. I'm in the Schools, doing workshops on Romany dance, Music, and History and Language. Tomorrow I have 7 classes, the next day 8 classes in Chester. I haven't seen any awareness of this on your site, so I need to show you some things. I sought out these people, and sung, and danced and ate with them. I introduced them to their fellow kindred from UK. they thought they were the only Roma in Europe, but when I told them that there are a lot of Roamny people all over the World, they were elatedly happy. Educating people about their roots, is important, so they may clearly understand there heritage, and their identity.
Ill send you more of the latest, up to date ones, that I did last week. I'm booked up to my eyes with Schools wanting me to teach the Teachers, as well as the pupils.