Hungary - "Football Mission"

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Football Coaches come to Nyirbeltek in Hungary for football and fun

August 2009

There were 7 in our team, going on this football mission.

Thelma Lynch, Holyhead, Kizzy Price (my Grand daughter),Pastor Liz Boote Chester, Melanie Price, Michael from London, Paul Perris from London, and Marc Edwards from Wales
It had been planned for 3 years that Michael and his friends would come out to Hungary, to teach the poor children in the villages the basics of English Football. They might as well have been 3 David Beckhams, because the children in all the villages were just so excited and expectant. They got more then they bargained for and so did we. They turned out in their 100s and some of the children only wore flip-flops and underpants.
Fortunately we had football shirts and football trainers and boots provided kindly by A Ray of Hope. The children queued up patiently waiting to see if we had their size. So much fun was had by the trainers and coaches alike that the children did not want them to leave after the two weeks was up.

Black Rock FC, has now attached itself to Nyirbeltek FC, Hungary, and they will return next year again with more coaches, footballs and football strips. The villages and Communities alike were united together in fun, and laughter through football, of course all the lovely girls came along to urge their teams on. This is a perfect example of how we can bring inclusion, and unity by Sport, and fun. The coaches themselves had never experienced such a great feeling of achievement, and a wonderful winning time was had by all. Kizzy, my Grand daughter got on well with all the young ladies, and she shared her life with them and counselled them about some personal issues, and heard of their very difficult lives. Kizzy cried..............Kizzy made some beautiful new friends, and promised to keep in touch and return next year.

Our aim is always to feed the poor, and bring relief to the needy, and to make friends and unite communities with LOVE, and UNDERSTANDING. Guess what, IT WORKS..........
We visited Bag, and gave out gifts for the children, for once they all looked well, and happy. The children, some naked enjoyed the warm Summer Sun.
In Hadjunannas, we found our friends who had been evicted from their homes, to see them happily re-housed in a block of flats, and they had been given jobs as road sweepers, and chilli pickers. We sought them out in the town by blowing the Shofar, the children heard the sound of our instrument and came running, shouting Melanini, Lizzini, and we went to their new homes to hear what happened after we had sent in the Racial Equality men from Budapest......guess what...ha ha ha happy ending
Sadly to say while we were in Nyirbeltek enjoying each others company, some Nazi skinheads came into Kissletta, the next village and shot DEAD, a Mother in front of her 2 children, and then sliced the children up with knives, we were devastated, and couldn't believe that this could happen in 2009. One of our men went to the funeral the following week and said it was more then he could bare. This has been happen on a regular basis, as organised gangs come in the night to bring DEATH and Destruction. 8 in Nyirbator, 5 In Hadjunanas. We are doing something to change prejudices and negative attitudes to save lives.
Not to end on a gruesome note, but we are making IMPACT, by understanding and befriending the loveless, homeless, and underprivileged.
We are going back on September 21, wit more LOVE, JOY and HAPPIY TIMES.
Sunflowers Growing very well...thank you to all who help and who care