Lebanon - from Tray - same again this year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

“The right time to eat:

For a rich man, when he is hungry   For a poor man , when he has something to eat “

Dear Friends,

Since hunger knows no friend but its feeder, we count on you just like every year to help us gather enough food for the less fortunate.

Kindly check the attached pictures in order to have an idea on the boxes of basic food products that we distribute every year around Christmas.

Those of you who are interested are kindly asked to send me their donations before the 17th of December 2009. Any contribution is highly appreciated.

PS: if you know someone who can benefit from this initiative, kindly inform me of their name and address and whoever wishes to participate in the packing and the distribution process is more than welcome.

Thank you and may god bless you with his Goodwill.

if you can't feed million people , start by feeding one