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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This is a short note of Appreciation to one of our Mentors in the last Mentoring cycle -Mr. Tunde Majiagbe.
We cannot but appreciate his efforts and commitment to making his relationship with his Mentee -Farouk Tackie work. Indeed, he's been a
true friend and a Mentor with great motivations to pass on the baton of excellence to his Mentee. To mention but a few of his activities with his Mentee. . . . He is become a friend to Farouk's Family, A
Class Act Mentor, who despite his busy schedules in his working place -a Bank, still finds time to visit Farouk, motivate him and bought the last GCE form for him.
Thank you for your selfless effort, Sir.
Attached herewith is a photograph of Mentor Tunde with his Mentee.
Once again, we welcome everyone to an exciting and fruitful mentoring cycle.. . .
Tosin Taiwo

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