Hungary Romania India Bangladesh May, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hungary April/May 201o

Aid Lorries out to Hungary and Romania
We can only show our gratitude to all who donated, contributed their time and efforts, into this wonderful expedition, by saying, THANK YOU.

It is never enough I know, but it is only Words I have to express my gratitude.

I could never have contemplated the outcome, of what would happen in the future when I visited my friends in Ireland

In inviting them to come out, and meet the lovely people that we are partnering with in Hungary and Romania, they fell in love with them. The Ireland folk saw the much poverty, and the needs. They took an assessment, and true to their compassionate nature they went home and took action.

In April, and May of this year, Donald and Shirley Buchanan, escorted two 42 lorries filled with vitally needed aid, out to Hungary. One lorry came from Scotland, thanks to the family, and friends of Donald, and the Highway and Byways Ministry.

The other lorry came from both Southern Ireland and from the North. Arranged, and organised by Shirley Buchanan s rother Jim and Anne Graham, they worked tirelessly for 3 months to fill up these massive lorries with everything you could imagine. Food was asked for, so ton s of dry food was packed and sent. Clothes, shoes, toiletries, and beds, chairs, prams, sewing machines, and cutlery, and crockery were all packed and sent with love. Donald and Shirley drove there in their private car, to meet the lorries, and then to help distribute the aid. I met them there on both occasions to see how the distribution was getting on, and to enjoy the happy faces of all the children who received their gifts and food.
While in Budapest I was invited by my friend Balazs Kovic, to speak to his group of physically disabled youth. My talk to them was about empowering them to be ABLE, and not to label themselves. There were about 15/18 young people, who hung on to every word, because at last someone told them that they were WORTH something, and most of all to themselves. Some were in wheelchairs and some literally couldn’t speak or express themselves. I gave everyone a hug and a kiss, and that spoke volumes to them all, and they responded by smiling, and inviting me back.

I’m going back in August, and hope to continue to watch this group of people to develop, as they live their lives, making us ABLED folk look inadequate, and achieving their dreams and goals.

India and Bangladesh

We have done so much this first part of this year. Just over a year and a half ago, The Sunflower Trust , bought a small parcel of land in Bangladesh. Thinking it would take at least 3 years to get some form of small building on the property, we have done it in one year. Our vision is to set up a small medicine dispensary for the local people who are so poor, they can’t afford a Doctor, never mind medicines. It is only a small project, in a jungle like area, but it will help so many women and children. Mortality rate is high, and there are many mentally and physically disadvantages children.
Simple off the shelf medicines, is all thats needed to change these statistics. Vitamins will be life saving
In India, our 33 Tsunami children are doing very well, especially in the School. They all went down with a virus at one time, but with a quick acting Father in Giribabu Neela, medicines were had, and the illness over come.

In January, Giribabu told me the land opposite the Children’s home had come up for sale, and could we help in purchasing it. We, The Sunflower Trust, had no money in the account, because it had all been sent out to the other various projects we are involved in, for Christmas. Suddenly a burst of money came in at various intervals, from 5 different sources, and we were able to send the £2000S out to Giribabu. By April it was bought, and now the children have a place for recreation, and the cooks, have a place to cook their rice, outside on the fire. We are all so very grateful for all the contributions people in this country gave, to make all these things possible, so other people can share in our posterity.