Paula from Brazil sings for International Day of Peace

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

International Day of Peace Tuesday, 21st September, 2010

The International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, occurs annually on September 21. It is dedicated to peace, or specifically the absence of war, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone. It is observed by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples. The first year this holiday was celebrated was 1981.

To inaugurate the day, the "Peace Bell" is rung at UN Headquarters. The bell is cast from coins donated by children from all continents. It was given as a gift by the Diet of Japan, and is referred to as "a reminder of the human cost of war." The inscription on its side reads: "Long live absolute world peace."

A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace, has celebrated and promoted, in a myriad of ways, this so necessary day.

Our theme this year will be the acknowledgement that the blossoms of our planet are our children. We need peace to allow them to bloom and realize their true potential. One such child is Paula Eduarda from Brazil a 12 year old member of A Ray of Hope. The songs are sung by Paula, and as we listen to this video we are not only witnessing this rare talent but also joining with all those who celebrate International Day of Peace.

Please promote this video in every way you can make it a favourite if you wish. As a little bit of fun, all those who leave a comment, link videos or make it a favourite, will be entered in to free draws for large Nepalese Batiks. Winners will be announced on the Day of Peace.

Join with Paula, and all members of A Ray of Hope in making this Peace day the most successful to date. And maybe one day the results of our planting will allow all children of the world to flower.

This video is because of Paula in one continent recognised the potential of little Paula in another.