Brazi - l Paula Eduarda visits youth initiatives to entertain and promote.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Paula Eduarda was in the Garden Uirapuru that is located in Guarulhos / SP, the Community Development Center ACM Uirapuru the day was full of laughter, friendly people who really devote themselves to others.

In the Garden Uirapuru has 185 young men, all very polite and even having some kind of dental problem they still have that beautiful smile.

Young people are happy that the ACM found them to offer further training and develop potential.They are taught various vocational activities, such as carpentry, screen printing, sewing, crafts, tutoring.

In addition to physical activities and health monitoring.

Our project will be able to help these young people who are very close to the first job!

Congratulations to all and here I leave my deepest thanks to all employees and volunteers of this institution.

Today Paula Eduarda also part of a voluntary group of ACM.