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Thursday, May 12, 2011



Deployed in April 2005, a Christian based ministry designed to accelerate and accentuate the maturity of its teeming members in readiness for leadership roles in their various chosen field of strength and passion. HAPI was established to incite at an early age, the passion, strength and capabilities inherent in her members as deposited by their maker. In this manner we support them to discover themselves, pursue crafts and careers that ordinarily will not have them struggling or unhappy but ones that would leave them energized all year round.

This however gives them a spontaneous and sustainable sense of relevance, importance, purpose and responsibility to themselves their family, community and the world at large whilst having eternity in view. HAPI has since been saddled with the responsibility to prepare and position its Pupil on their exclusive leadership path and culpability to themselves, their Nation and the world at large.

HAPI is a specialized teaching, human capacity development and counseling ministry, with the following areas of core competence:

Ø Discovery: (Who art thou?) Personality, Passion, strength, talents and capabilities awareness as well as career path.
Ø Handles teenagers under various kinds of pressure/negative influence (Family, Peer, Media etc).
Ø Divine life guidance such that teenagers don’t run wild;- live within set life developmental boundaries (Narrow gate)
Ø Reconciles children-parent conflict.
Ø Repositioning the family units in Nigeria through the influence of the children therein.
Ø Poise/ Finishing and Charismatic School

Mission: To ensure that members discover and deploy themselves early to lead purposeful lives in the wisdom and counsel of their Maker whilst having eternity in view.

Vision: Build a world-class institution that caters for the counsel and support of its members for accelerated maturity, general development and deployment

The exclusive aim of this great Institution is to ensure that pupils capabilities, abilities, talents, sensuality, intellect, strength and passion are uncovered at a minimum age of twelve years and above, thereby enabling pupil to properly, selectively and effectively channel their divine authorities as anticipated by their creator, such that they are a blessing to themselves and their generation.

Complete human capacity development/maturity and charismatic counselling kit
Complete Temperament and personality test/determining

Complete British finishing school ciriculum and support tools
Documentary DVD for simulation of constituents and requirements for pursuing all available crafts, career and vocation vis a vis their pride and benefits
Foreign technical support (Counsellors)
Projectors and Laptops
International training and exposure for indigenous counsellors
We hereby use this medium to solicit your support for this generational life directing ministry. Any help on any of this needs will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks!
Ayodele B. Smart
For - HAPI