Hungary / Romania - Melanie and 8 teachers share experiences with new friends.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Eight Teachers from London, Birmingham and Manchester, came out on an educational trip to Hungary and Romania. The Mission was to connect the teachers with three schools, to compar programmes and methods and curriculums, especially with the Roma Children in their schools.

I took them to our Roma village in Nyirbeltek,where they visited the local village Primary School. Director Attilla was more then welcoming and obliging to share his experience with the teachers. The Roma here are so well integrated, and accepted, because of our work there for nearly 20 years. There is no more segragation and all the children were so happy, as now they can learn about their own Roma History.

They also visited a School in Hadjuhathaz, where things were a bit different. The Principle was very helpful and was amazed at all the interest of the Roma children. This is because our teachers were involved with Traveller Education in the UK.

After the third day we literally flew off to Romania to a School just outside Oredea.

Everything was so different in Romania, as we were driven by Pastor Imre Costa into the School,where 350 pupils were present. There were many differences and comparisons, but the staff were very gracious as we bombarded them with questions. Afterwards though, having fun, teaching English and playing with the children was just the icing on the cake.

The eight english teachers went home very happy and satisfied, with an experience that might never happen again.

Connecting, building relationships, swapping teachers and students. Comparing teaching methods, understanding cultures, religions and people.

Five Days of sheer madness bought all these vital things together. Can we learn some lessons from this??????

Dear Rosza is sadly a widow. She lives alone and finds it so hard to survive. She has just come out of hospital, and can only live by growing vegetables and raising chickens. She lives off eggs, rice and vegetables.

In between the Missions, I stayed with Rosza, and saw her need. So I decided to do something. We went to the local chick van, and bought 40 baby chicks. I also bought Rosza, the feeding bowl and water feeder. We bought chick feed, and then walked home with the box of chicks upon my head, (well how else was I to carry them). Simple things that make people happy, and can help Rosza survive for another Winter. Rosza is in a wheelchair.    Didn’t cost a lot, and it gave me such joy to be able to do something practical.