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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Widow's Mite...

The last time i read about the Widow's mite was in the is a story about a woman characterised by uncommon art of giving....she never hesitated to donate her last mite to her master! Really, I never knew the reality of giving your last card out on charity basis until recently when i was "tempted" to do likewise~and i had no option!

Yes, November 18th, 2010 is another day that i won't ever forget in a jiffy....just 4days after my birthday...although, the day started out on a bad cutie, lovely baby girl was ill and i had to take her to the sucks to watch your love ones hurt...and sucks more when you cannot do much to alleviate the pains and hurts....but, the day ended with smiles and good feelings... :)

Inasmuch as i hate to write about what i do to help others, i just cannot help but write about this, for some good reasons....Prior to that day, i've been receiving frantic calls from one of our mentees who needed some help because he was returning to the University...and he had no money to go back having lost his father some few days back....exactly two weeks ago!

At first my reaction was passive, because i felt i had no salary for the past 2months hasn't been paid and i just knew it that i wouldn't be able to help in this situation....i felt hurt really, but what could i do when i needed help myself....:)

Then, i remembered i had N3,000 in my bank savings account....that was my last but "surviving" cash. And, my first reaction was a no-no-no .....because it sounded like a huge out all my savings....just like that?! It was a difficult decision for me to make, but then, i remember how much this young man needs the money....i know he needs some financial assistances badly because only recently had he gained admission into the University and he's got lots of dues to pay for....and to worsen it all....his father died when he needed him most!!! Life seems so cruel to him...but then, his own life must go on...and, to the university, he must return...

Finally, i summon the courage to do as my heart bids me, and i left for the bank and emptied my widow's mite and transfered it into his account. ......finally, yes finally, i bid farewell to my surviving

Half of the time on my way on....i thought of my action deeply....a part of me regretted the action, but another part rejoiced greatly because I've only saved a soul....that needed some help....i felt happy and struggled to put my action behind me....remembering the woman in the bible who gave her all and was thereafter blessed for it....and, that truly was my consolation.....that, maybe some day.....maybe, i shall be remembered for good too.... i thought....i wished...i prayed solemnly...:)

Then, and phone beeped....I received a text message from a friend who attended an annual WOMEN SYMPOSIUM organised by an ngo in my country. She wrote to alert me that I've just been awarded the sum of 750 dollars (N115,000) for my youths project! I wowed!!!!

I just couldn't contain i leapt for joy....isn't it amazing how sometimes our little and unrecognised act of kindness culminates to greater blessings...?