Spain - Melanie attends European Conference on Romani Cuture et al

Thursday, November 11, 2010

These are photos of the First Congress of Roma Women, meeting in Barcelona.

Hosted by Drom Kotar Mestipen.
Melanie Price and Rita Varey were two Roma Women invited to the first Congress of Roma Women in Europe.

The congress is to Unite Roma Women in a view to empowering them, via their Human Rights, and Dignity. Also to find ways to dispel the stigma, that goes with the name Roma, or Gypsy.

Over 300 women gathered in Barcelona in October this year. The Mayor of Barcelona hosted all 300 women with a wonderful dinner in the City Hall.

For 3 days, the women gathered together in the audetorium to share ideas in what they could do to be included into society, and to be accepted by the World Governments and Countries.

Many positive testimonies were given, as women after women told of how they had been persecuted and had racial abuse directed at them, but they all told of how they had to avoid all negativity from the media, and the locals, to rising above it, and staying focused on changing peoples concept of the Roma, which has been very negatively viewed to the European public.

Roma women were Air cabin crew,Conference Hostess s,Domestic Engineers. One girl was a training to be a Police Woman. Another was a teachers assistant. Many were working in Social work. Some admitted they didn t tell their employer what race they came from. Some Roma Women had started their own busines s in Dancing, and Music, and Cultural Understanding Seminars.

All women had many stories in common, and the whole Spirit of the Congress was Electrifying as the Roma Women gave Hope to one another.

Most Roma Women could speak Romanes, and so Communication was easily accessed.

Everyone agreed that those Roma Women who couldn t speak the languge, should learn themselves, and their future Generations, so Culture, Language, and Traditions can be kept alive, and shown to the World, that Roma has a virtual Nation of its own, and will keep its identy, whithout the old problems of being misunderstood, and kept as a social low class Citizens,status .

Outcome, Countries United, via the Roma Women. Cross networking. Invites to teach Roma History