Nigeria - Glory of Hope

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We welcome Glory of Hope Nigeria in to the family of A Ray of Hope
The orphanage – “Glory of Hope” Nigeria came into existence when Solomon witnessed the appalling need of little ones across Nigeria. From northern Nigeria children were discovered without homes living in the streets, with AIDS and many had been sexually abused by family members.

Innocent, is a little boy born into a rural family of four in the rural area of Ondo State. His father died after a serious illness leaving the widow without any form of provision. Both mum and children fell seriously ill with malaria and cholera. Solomon was engaged in outreach ministries and learned of this family’s predicament. Solomon took them from their meagre existence and brought them to Benin City. At this time Innocent and his siblings were ill with rashes and swollen faces.

Other children have been found on the refuse dump or in bins – dropped and discarded there from young girls who had unwanted pregnancies. Now some of these babies are in school and cared for in a loving community.

( The little man is "Innocent" )