Uganda from Seguya

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I was welcomed at the Uganda Hope Foundation by Margaret, the project co-coordinator. I had an opportunity to meet the different volunteers who help equip the children and the youth with skills that they can use to experience a better life now and for the future. The children are given crafts, reading and writing skills in addition to sports and games. Many of the children at the organization don't have a chance at an education beyond the nursery and pre-primary school housed at the organization premises. The youth are given tailoring, hair-dressing, and basic computer skills using a computer owned by the volunteer teacher who runs a document bureau a few blocks away.

Uganda Hope Foundation is located in a very slummy-poverty stricken Namungoona suburb of Kampala, and is the only available window of opportunity for many children and youth in the area beyond the minutely challenges of slum life. Besides children and youth receiving an opportunity to learn skills very vital in their life, the center acts as a place for them to meet with each other and even play together....something so important in the life of our young stars.

Beautiful times and best wishes