Thursday, January 31, 2008

Melanie returns from India
This is the next project for the Philippines, Don. Its mainly about educating the children, who live on the dump, the water boxes, and the slums. It looks like we are going to take on 25 children, and we shall be specific, and focused in this area. Just letting you know the updates. If this could be spread abroad amongst the schools, maybe some school would take a child on, and support child to child, or school to school. Who knows, but we ve got to try. Im home now safe and sound. Im sending for my visa today for Africa, and will write my form for Bangladesh tonight, wwwwwoooooosssshhhhh, Im not even 12 hours home yet, and it starts all over again. The trip was one of the most awesomest trips Ive ever been on, and that with a team of 9 people, it all went so well, I feel so satisfied,
........... more to follow
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Visit to India Melanie

Saturday, January 26, 2008

India is more then I ever dreamed off. Giri and his wife are just amazing. The new orphanage is wonderful, and so big. The children looked so well, and I can see that a lot of love and attention is given to each child. I gave the educational packs to the teacher there. I have wonderful photos of the boys wearing the tee shirts, and a photo of the babies bottles. We are heading off tonight on an 12 hour train journey going South west, to Tiripathi, to the lepor colony, and childrens prison. Thanks for that amazing news, I will do it immediately I get home.
I don t want to see another curry, for at least 2 weeks   ha ha ha ha
Melanie in India


Small finances for miscellaneous educational supplies for our friends in Mozambique.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Finances sent to purchase new spring/summer wear for the princesses - and also new bed linen.

Lagos, Nigeria

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Named after A Ray of Hope, Ray, born on 7th June, weighing nearly 12lbs, is now just over 7 months old. His father and mother, Victor and Franca, would love for him to be president of Nigeria but maybe he is destined to be Secretary-General of the UN.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear All
Very best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2008 and ever. We will follow working for equal human dignity. Many obstacles must be faced but there is " a ray of hope"!       Cordially 
President Foundation for a Culture of Peace, Madrid
Former Director General of UNESCO
18th January, 2008

European Classics Competition 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

             ‘A Competition to promote harmony in all areas of Europe’
The name CICERO is an acronym in Latin, and you can see the translation of it in italics above. This is an innovative competition organised by teachers of Latin in several different European countries for their 6th form students, illustrating that Latin provides a worthwhile and valid reason for young people to interact with each other across their national boundaries.
On Friday 18th April 2008 students in different countries in Europe will take part in the second edition of this competition – answering the same questions at the same time, linking with the different centres by video-conferencing, and competing for both European and national prizes.  There are two parts to the competition : the Latin translation section is open to 6th form students of Latin and the Mythology section to students of other Classical subjects.  The UK centre for the competition is Malvern St James, a school in the Midlands which is close to the M5 motorway and only yards from Great Malvern railway station.
Look at the UK page of the competition website for further details – please consider entering this unique competition and we will make you very welcome in Malvern!  Boris Johnson, the Shadow Minister for Higher Education has recorded a video message to encourage you.  Registration forms can be downloaded or you can contact the school by post or telephone.

Victor and Samuel - Nigeria and S. Africa

Dear Young Nigerian Professionals,

We would like to thank all who have indicated interest in participating
the NiPRO SA launch scheduled for next month. For those of us who are
to do so please send an email to with the subject
'NiPRO SA launch' by tomorrow latest.

We would like to inform all that there will be a meeting for all
scheduled for Sunday, January 20, 2008  in Lagos. Details of venue and
time will be communicated to individuals who notified us of their
intention to be part of the event.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nepal - more photographs of the princesses shopping for shoes

Pam - Kenya

You are getting this because you are my friend, or in my family, or we have been in contact regarding my work in Africa. This is about people I know personally, and their friends - and the people they are trying to help, and their efforts to combat violence and tribalism. Please share this news with others.
Minciu Sodas has information direct from Kenya
We have a stream of information direct from the grassroots in Kenya. Minciu Sodas is an online community - and some of its members are Kenyans. Inevitably, they are caught up in the present turmoil. Thanks to a combination of mobile phones and the Internet they have been able to keep in contact with their Minciu Sodas friends in other countries and other continents (I am in UK, my friend Andrius Kulikauskas, the leader of MInciu Sodas, is in Lithuania). Minciu Sodas members are sending the Kenyans money and phone credits. Phone credits are easier to receive and can be changed into cash.
Our friends in Kenya are telling us what is really happening. They are also using the phone credits as currency to support others in need. Some people are involved in peace work in the areas of greatest conflict.
The Acrobats' Peace Pyramid
One of my personal friends, Kennedy Owino, is an acrobat from one of the Nairobi slums. He wrote "Today we had an amzing meeting of almost 70 acrobats, dancers, children performers and activists. (snip) We sang songs, made pyramids, flew flags, gave talks, tumbled, and drummed the beats of peace. The message was clear, "we are not politicians, we are artists from different tribal backgrounds united for only one purpose, livelihood, but one similar thing in all of us is that we are Kenyan Artists with one color, the color of love". This is what all Kenyan communities should embrace, "one people, one Nation"
There is more news of Kennedy at
Information through the Internet
News is coming in so fast from our friends in Kenya, and from neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda, that I cannot share it all - but Internet users can see for themselves through these links to Minciu Sodas
The links show how we are keeping in touch through email groups, and our chatroom and wiki, as well as Skype and mobile phones.
We are also working with peace-makers in the town where the violence started. This is the true story as it is happening. Please help us to share this information.
Money can be sent by Paypal to or to the Kenyan phone numbers we are collecting.
Thanks for reading this and for any action that you take

Metta Centre Nepal

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our beautiful daughters go on a little spending spree to market to buy shoes and a treat of fast food.

New Project Nigeria

Israel and Hungary

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pen, rulers, jotters, toys, clothes, educational resources, posters, teachers' notes, lesson plans, baby feeding bottles dispatched to Hungary and Israel.
Thanks to the Ulster Teachers' Union

Nigeria YEAR 2008

Three major highlights:
1.      PROFESSIONALISM: We are strongly excited about the year 2008 as we would continually promote professionalism (A mark of excellence) amongst young Nigerian professionals who are a critical mass of the country's populace. Therefore, we would like to call for applications on a volunteer position - Volunteer Personal Assistant to the General Manager of NiPRO Nigeria. The individual must be a young professional, honest, dedicated to duty, selfless, intelligent and must be willing to volunteer at least Ten (10) hours weekly towards achieving the goals of the network. Preferably in Lagos. If you are interested please contact us via with the subject : VPA 2008 not later than January 31, 2008. PLEASE, do not send emails to the yahoo group as we noticed that some members do not bother to read instructions and adhere to them. All individual emails sent to the group will not be approved.
2.      1ST AND 2ND QUARTER OF 2008 From the activity report above, we can see that our activities are all about POSITIVE IMPACT. We again want to appreciate everybody who made this happen. For 2008, I, on behalf of the NiPRO Network renew my commitment to the vision of the New Nigeria and will like to ask for more qualitative and active involvement of members of our great network. There are very successful members of our network who can help make our vision as a network come to fruition. For 2008, we are calling on every young Nigerian professional to help make our dreams work together. This network is not about an individual, it is about us and we have always embraced the WE language, which for us is the language of leadership.
 We plan to organize two major events in the first two quarters of 2008, namely:
  1. NiPRO, South Africa Launch. This event will bring together both Nigerians at home Nigeria and South Africa, as well as friends of Nigeria.
Theme: Rebranding Nigeria's image in the Diaspora
Proposed Date: February 23, 2008 (preceded by a one week tour and dinner with Archbishop Desmond Tutu's fellows and some other young South African Professionals)
Proposed Venue: Nigerian High Commission, South Africa
Speakers include: Gbenga Sesan, Victor Gotevbe and some other prominent speakers in South Africa (details will be available soon)
There is possibility of NiPRO facilitating visas for SELECTED active members of the network who must possess valid travel documents and  ready to borne the cost of the trip. Also, these individuals will be invited for a delegate meeting in Lagos, January 2008 in preparation for the trip. If you are interested please send an email to with the subject NiPRO S.A. LAUNCH on or before Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Further Details will be communicated to you as soon as possible.
Event Coordinator: Samuel Adekunle Owolabi   
  1. NiPRO with other partners plans to organize a three day Nigeria in the Eye of the world (NEW) development conference for selected Nigerian development workers around the world in London at the second quarter of 2008. Details will be available soon.
  2. Other local events will be communicated to all.
3.   Mentorship- We intend to start a mentorship programme which will include training sessions where the best in our fields will meet with a select group of participants.
We all need some people who have traveled the road to show us how to travel on the same
Young Nigerian Professionals, there are so many of us in Nigeria who just need some words of direction or motivation to help them join us in the journey of actualizing the New Nigeria we desire. Please let us work together so that we can beat our chests to say the labours of heroes past shall never be in vain.
Welcome to a year of great achievements.
Life just got better!