European Classics Competition 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

             ‘A Competition to promote harmony in all areas of Europe’
The name CICERO is an acronym in Latin, and you can see the translation of it in italics above. This is an innovative competition organised by teachers of Latin in several different European countries for their 6th form students, illustrating that Latin provides a worthwhile and valid reason for young people to interact with each other across their national boundaries.
On Friday 18th April 2008 students in different countries in Europe will take part in the second edition of this competition – answering the same questions at the same time, linking with the different centres by video-conferencing, and competing for both European and national prizes.  There are two parts to the competition : the Latin translation section is open to 6th form students of Latin and the Mythology section to students of other Classical subjects.  The UK centre for the competition is Malvern St James, a school in the Midlands which is close to the M5 motorway and only yards from Great Malvern railway station.
Look at the UK page of the competition website for further details – please consider entering this unique competition and we will make you very welcome in Malvern!  Boris Johnson, the Shadow Minister for Higher Education has recorded a video message to encourage you.  Registration forms can be downloaded or you can contact the school by post or telephone.