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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You are getting this because you are my friend, or in my family, or we have been in contact regarding my work in Africa. This is about people I know personally, and their friends - and the people they are trying to help, and their efforts to combat violence and tribalism. Please share this news with others.
Minciu Sodas has information direct from Kenya
We have a stream of information direct from the grassroots in Kenya. Minciu Sodas is an online community - and some of its members are Kenyans. Inevitably, they are caught up in the present turmoil. Thanks to a combination of mobile phones and the Internet they have been able to keep in contact with their Minciu Sodas friends in other countries and other continents (I am in UK, my friend Andrius Kulikauskas, the leader of MInciu Sodas, is in Lithuania). Minciu Sodas members are sending the Kenyans money and phone credits. Phone credits are easier to receive and can be changed into cash.
Our friends in Kenya are telling us what is really happening. They are also using the phone credits as currency to support others in need. Some people are involved in peace work in the areas of greatest conflict.
The Acrobats' Peace Pyramid
One of my personal friends, Kennedy Owino, is an acrobat from one of the Nairobi slums. He wrote "Today we had an amzing meeting of almost 70 acrobats, dancers, children performers and activists. (snip) We sang songs, made pyramids, flew flags, gave talks, tumbled, and drummed the beats of peace. The message was clear, "we are not politicians, we are artists from different tribal backgrounds united for only one purpose, livelihood, but one similar thing in all of us is that we are Kenyan Artists with one color, the color of love". This is what all Kenyan communities should embrace, "one people, one Nation"
There is more news of Kennedy at
Information through the Internet
News is coming in so fast from our friends in Kenya, and from neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda, that I cannot share it all - but Internet users can see for themselves through these links to Minciu Sodas
The links show how we are keeping in touch through email groups, and our chatroom and wiki, as well as Skype and mobile phones.
We are also working with peace-makers in the town where the violence started. This is the true story as it is happening. Please help us to share this information.
Money can be sent by Paypal to or to the Kenyan phone numbers we are collecting.
Thanks for reading this and for any action that you take