Thursday, January 31, 2008

Melanie returns from India
This is the next project for the Philippines, Don. Its mainly about educating the children, who live on the dump, the water boxes, and the slums. It looks like we are going to take on 25 children, and we shall be specific, and focused in this area. Just letting you know the updates. If this could be spread abroad amongst the schools, maybe some school would take a child on, and support child to child, or school to school. Who knows, but we ve got to try. Im home now safe and sound. Im sending for my visa today for Africa, and will write my form for Bangladesh tonight, wwwwwoooooosssshhhhh, Im not even 12 hours home yet, and it starts all over again. The trip was one of the most awesomest trips Ive ever been on, and that with a team of 9 people, it all went so well, I feel so satisfied,
........... more to follow
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