Bulgaria - history and culture from Snejana

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One day the Lord decided to give land to all the people of the world. The Bulgarians did not go to claim their land because they were busy working. When they returned from their work to discover that they alone were without land of their own, they were very concerned. So they asked the Lord for some land, but unfortunately it had been given away…… The Lord took pity and granted the Bulgarians a piece of Paradise to call their own……
Bulgaria is my Paradise and my Destiny

Days of Glory
November 1 was the Day for the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival. The day is devoted to the bookmen, the enlighteners, the fighters for national liberation who have preserved through the centuries the spiritual values of the nation and its moral. The day was marked for the first time in Plovdiv, in 1909 , one of the largest Bulgarian towns.
On November 1, 1923 King Boris III proclaimed the day one of national celebration but in 1945 the celebration was banned. The marking of the day of Bulgarian’s enlighteners was restored in 1992. By tradition on this day a ritual for raising the national flag is performed in front of the Presidency. The beginning of this ritual was given four years ago by the president Georgi Parvanov.
Education in prison must not isolate itself from the culture and traditions of the nation. Every late autumn, November 1st, teachers and students from Stara Zagora Prison School demonstrate admiration for our school’s patron *Priest Mincho Kanchev* - one of the famous national revival heroes. We have a small focus group *ITC Skills*. Our inmates have worked hard to produce a documentary /film/ devoted to the school’s patron. We have had exciting celebration culminating in a special presentation of the documentary film to the prison community and prison administration.