Nigeria - Jumoke speaks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

From Jumoke - If according to The Centre for Reproductive Rights, a New-York based international non-governmental organization, 59,000 Nigerian women die every year while attempting to give birth to a child, averaging 161 a day, Nigerian women are in trouble.We take child birth for granted, its a natural stage. But when so many women die a day from child birth, it is alarming. Most marriages in Nigeria appear to be mainly for procreation. That is why many men will take a second wife if his wife does not give birth in 3 to 5 years after marriage. Infact, it has become usual for the woman to get pregnant first or the man will refuse to marry her. So, this alarming statistic on maternal mortality is not music to our ears. It is a pity many Nigerian government officials go abroad for medical attention. This means our facilities will continue to be acceptably below standards. Jumoke