Nigeria - Pam's Visit

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

At the Fantsuam Foundation (FF) Knowledge Resource Centre, I worked with teachers and learners, adults and children. This was the main purpose of my working holiday. There is a strong culture locally of rote learning and never asking questions. John Dada, the director of (FF) wants me to help him to break away from that at the KRC. He wants the pupils and students to have enquiring minds, and he wants the teachers and trainers to encourage questions. The photographs are of John showing me the new site, which will be Attachab Eco-village. John is planning to gradually move all the existing work of Fantsuam Foundation over there. He will also include new projects related to livelihoods and eco-development. He hopes to demonstrate appropriate technologies there as well as esistign work. He will try things out and if they work then he will help other people to learn about them. He has only recently got the land. I told one of my contacts, Marcus Simmons, about the Eco-village, and he travelled out the same time as me to learn more about the local realities and to make a trial demonstration building. The final photo is a group back at the present main site - key Fantsuam Foundation people plus Marcus and me. From L to R: me, TY Shinggu, Marcus Simmons, Kazanka Comfort, Kelechi Micheals, Ochuko Onoberhie, and John Dada.